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    So I am honestly surprised that no one has noticed this yet. File this under your random for the day.

    Achievement Hunter which is a gaming youtube channel under the Rooster Teeth umbrella have a weekly update show for game releases and news in which they open items that their fans have sent to them be it art and the like. Basically, given how random they are the items have evolved into choosings that are just as random and today they opened what I am assuming is a sample pack of ABU Space.

    Youtube Video

    I lol'ed to myself after rewinding to actually make sure I didnt see something that wasnt there, but yeah, low and behold (For clarification: Iris is the newborn child of two of the AH members and fans were sending in items for her.)

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    Neat! A shame they didn't react much to them.

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    I wonder which staff member sneaked them home? There's always one.

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