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Thread: It's just about that time again . . .

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    Default It's just about that time again . . .

    We all know that many people dress up as babies at Halloween, including many of us. But let's leave the AB/DL-set out of this.

    My question is, of the "normals" who choose this particular costume, how many of them will take the diaper off without using it? My guess is that at least half will use it, not wanting to waste the diaper and wondering what it would feel like after all these years.

    Further, I wonder how many will enjoy this experience enough to join us. There are no answers to these questions, of course, they just passed through the transom of my mind.


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    I would say it's probably a lot less than 1/2. People will do this for fun. For laughs. I suppose if they get drunk enough they might use the diaper. There's many desperation pictures out there.

    I'm also sure it will be 1 in 100,000 that might like the experience enough to join us. I have yet to see any members here introduce themselves saying "I tried being an AB for Halloween and liked it so much I became one!" It's a nice thought, though.

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    Ive always wondered about the people that do this. Its not even an original/creative idea anymore and its a very overdone costume idea. From my perspective, If they are abdl, they are only doing it for the exhibitionist factor (obviously) I went to a halloween party last year and this one guy showed up as a baby, store bought diapers, pacifier and a bib that said "mommys little boy" , most people in the house kinda made an awkward impression of it, lots laughed about it but i overheard someone in the kitchen say "we get it you have a weird fetish, take it off" This was later in the night so people were drunkish but, i thought it was interesting to hear that.

    My honest guess is that 99 percent wouldn't go farther than dress up for halloween because most people dont associate diapers with their sexuality/fantasies etc. But you have to wonder about the people that do dress up as babies......

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    I doubt a person would end up using the diaper unless he/she had some ab/dl desire lurking in there somewhere. Like, they may not fully understand it or know what it's called, but they were somehow interested in it before they chose the costume.

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    Hmm. Both opinions so far are that most wouldn't try out the diaper. I'm a bit more … optimistic? Suspicious? I'm guessing that people who choose this outfit are typically young (20s–early 30s), going to parties where there will be a fair amount of drinking. I think people who choose this costume are more adventurous and daring, with a sense of humor. I'm betting more people end up wetting this diaper before throwing it away than you'd imagine. This is not an outfit a middle-aged or conservative person would wear. Again, we'll never really know, but that's my sense of it.


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    If it's one of those costume diapers, they aren't meant to be used. It's basically a plastic backed sheet with single use tapes. I bought one years back because it was less embarrassing than buying the real thing. But it IS a costume.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RMS401 View Post
    I'm guessing that people who choose this outfit are typically young (20s–early 30s)-RMS
    You didn't specify an age in your op. We get a few babies and littles at our house trick or treating that are in their teens. They might do it as a dare or just to see how it feels. Probably not in the presence of friends.

    And I did mention if there was drinking involved for older people that desperation could cause an "accident done on purpose".

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