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Thread: New diaper ordreing place.

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    Default New diaper ordreing place.


    I am sorry to the original poster of this company in Las Vegas. I do not mean to hi-jack you thread. I just could not find it when I was looking a few minutes ago.

    Any way this person posted about "Changing time Diaper company" and I looked it up.

    Their prices in some ways are "higher" but in others they are "lower".

    The shipping is 2 day express so yes shipping can be 1/3 of the cost.

    How ever the selection of Diapers is larger then the manufacturing sight, But they also send samples that some of the companies do not. This is explained in their home page.

    I got some disposables to try (I am not fond of disposables, but my partner is a little more willing to "diaper me for bed" with them then my cloth and plastic pants.

    I got some I have been interested in but did not want to buy a small pack for $45+.

    They had a close out section, and I bought a pair of snap on plastic pants. The color is not the same, but the description on the pants sound so much like what me Mother used on me that I got a pair. (side note; I got a pair from another company and they where so heavy and uncomfortable) I had my partner diaper me With them as soon as I opened the box. I swear It brought back memories to the point I regress to, because the feel and the sound of the snapping is what I think of when I can get her to put a cloth diaper on me, and they feel very comfortable (yet warm) and I do not know if it is because I am being wishful or actually opening up old memory from when I was being potty trained.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Scaramouche View Post
    Thank you for bring Changing Time Diaper Company to our attention.

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    Quote Originally Posted by keepindl View Post
    Looks good if they are legit.
    Yes they are and they have a very informative web site. Just search Changing time diaper company.

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