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    Im going to a large event today that would have quiet a few people (lots of people =long wait for toilet) so I decided to avoid lining up and wear a nappy. It's also useful because I've only got one pair of dry underwear(the rest are on the line and it just rained). I'm not incontinent but will enjoy not having to wait in line.

    For any car nuts I'm going to the Mighty Car Mods meet in South Australia.

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    Yep yep, whenever I go someone where the restroom conditions are going to be less than ideal I wear some form of padding; I hate waiting in lines and I hate Port-a-Potties. (I'd be a little more open to Port-a-Potties if portable sinks for handwashing were also provided, but most of the time that's not the case.)

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    You'll have to tell us about the MCM meet, that sounds amazing. That's like the dream, lol, going to an MCM meetup and wearing a diaper. I can remember when I first started watching MCM years ago before they were big and I thought they were the coolest dudes, I remember watching the zombie Apocalypse build episode years ago and that's when I really got hooked. I hope you have an awesome time and hopefully you get to meet some cool people.

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    I went with several Subie clibs (about 20-25 cars) They had the 10 sec Creseda, Mini and Mod Max. I got a selfie and photo with Marty and Moog but the rest of the day was people racing around the track which i found boring.

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    Their was only a single toilet block but no line, still, no idea how clean it was. I didn't wet till after i left at when i had lunch and just now plus a minute or too ago after having a beer. The nappy is holding well after 2-3 mid sized wettings and wicks dry quickly.

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    Pad up! Last time I was at an event was a carnival a few weeks ago and I deal with incontinence anyway so Idealy i would have worn something light and breathable anyway. That day I decided to wear a double thick ABU Space and stuffer. It was extremely hot and I had a case of swamp butt going on but I was there all day with friends and I never had to use the gross port a potty. It was awesome to not have to worry about long bathroom lines in gross hot plastic bins. I now wear thick padding in every public event I go to now except work. I still need to adjust to that.

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