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Thread: How many people actually have a abdl themed room?

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    Question How many people actually have a abdl themed room?

    I know people hate to read a lot of text so I separated it for you all.

    I have been thinking about when I move out and I was thinking about getting a 2 bedroom apartment. That way I could separate the two things and just lock the other stuff away. I could like put up a fake book case or something idk lol. Thing is my friend made a good point I really shouldn't have to do that in my own home and I should have freedom from societies views being pushed upon me like that in my own place. I could just build my main room around that and maybe use the other room for like if a friend wants to stay over or something. I would be living on my own. If I needed too I could get a friend/abdl to stay with me. He knows all about that stuff and doesn't care just as long as I am not like trying to put him in one :v. Just a heads-up I don't want a crib really so that wouldn't be in my room anyways. I am more interested int hose giant cartoon character poofy beds. xD

    I was wondering how many people separate their rooms, design their one room the way they want, or do other things? Do you have a abdl room at all?

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    I voted ''With friend/caretaker; Single room combined normal/abdl'' but actually I live with my parents. Anyway. I gave my room a bit of a makeover earlier this year and tried to make it a little more toddlerish. I painted the walls light blue, have some teddy-bear pictures on the wall, and have stuffed animals in a rocking chair having ''story time'' with books. I have a PAW Patrol poster too, and a PAW Patrol playset on a shelf, and my mom recently bought me PAW Patrol curtains. I also brought in a coffee table that I was planning on putting a wooden train set on, but that part hasn't materialized yet.

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    I voted for single room, live on own. Here's a few pics from my little space:[email protected]/. More little than adult I'd say. In a rental so can't paint the walls unfortunately.

    @KimbaWolfNagihiko: Love the idea of the teddies reading books on a rocking chair, actually want to do that myself.

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    Well I still have a bunk bed, a colorful bookshelf, and basically a bunch of plushies, blankets, barbie sleeping bags, and whatnot. So I guess the answer would be kind of.

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    I have lots of plushies, kittens on my bedclothes, storybooks and this lego set and plastic animal figures on my shelf... I don't know how much cub related stuff you need to call your room abdl themed ^!^"

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    I'd have to check if it was up there, live with wife, bedroom combined normal/abdl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mofi View Post
    I have lots of plushies, kittens on my bedclothes, storybooks and this lego set and plastic animal figures on my shelf... I don't know how much cub related stuff you need to call your room abdl themed ^!^"
    I don't think you really need a certain amount of that stuff or anything else for that matter. Just depends on how you like your room.

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    I have a combined room both at school and at home. I have some qualities of a adult room such as my plastic models of tanks and warships, with some others that make it cuter such as plushies, old model rocket posters and my bierstein collection..

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    I have a two-bedroom apartment but I use the second bedroom for my office and computer.

    I don't have many ABDL things in my bedroom, just the bedding is Disney.

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    I have one room and it's pretty overtly AB/DL - diapers and plastic pants in the drawers, spare diaper under the pillow, rubber sheet on the bed.

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