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Thread: TURP surgery

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    Default TURP surgery

    Trans Urethral Resectioning of the Prostrate. Has anyone gone through this?

    At the ripe old age of 40 I'm about to go through it myself on the 12th of October. This is actually for a blockage in my urethra, located in the prostrate.

    Mostly I'm just looking to see what other's experiences with the surgery were.

    Fyi, I was scheduled to also have a full urethroplasty, but apparently the blockage can't really be reached this way. So it's just the turp and then see if that's enough.

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    Good luck, man! You’ve certainly had more than your share of surgeries attempting to improve your urinary symptoms. I profoundly hope that this one is more successful than what you’ve been through before!

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    I've not had that sort of surgery, so I can't help you, but I do wish you well and hope you have a successful operation and recovery.

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    I've never had TURP surgery but with the way my Prostate is growing it might be in my future. Nonetheless good luck on the surgery and I hope you have a quick and relatively pain free recovery. Also, please let us know how it's going when you are able.

    FYI... It's actually spelled "Prostate" rather than "Prostrate", unless of course you are talking about lying on the ground face down.

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    My father went through it for the second time and by far the most difficult part about it was the catheter. Until that got out, he just couldn't get comfortable. But it wasn't like he was in agonizing pain or anything, and I think it helped his symptoms. Best of luck!


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    I have not had that surgery, although the procedure has been around a long time. It is even done remotely in some cases. Perhaps a second opinion from another urologist would be worthwhile. It does seem to be a lot less traumatic than a urethroplasty. In any case, good luck and I hope you have a speedy recovery.

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    Good luck with it Slomo! You know my situation, which looks close to needing it too... so let me know how you go!

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    Today is the day Slomo, and even if you don't see this until after the surgery ( my guess is you probably won't), I pray only for the best for you, and that the surgeon will have a good recollection of the procedure.
    Best of luck, and may the surgery be successful, my friend.

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    Sorry for the delayed reply everyone. My surgery went pretty well as expected on Thursday. They kept me overnight for observation. And to constantly flush out my catheter.

    My urologist said he had cut me pretty deep to try and get the base of the stricture cut out, to prevent it from coming back. We won't know if it really worked or not for a few months though, as strictures grow back slowly. But wow I sure did bleed a lot for it. Oh, and my bpm dropped to under 30 during the surgery. I have a recent history of this, and contracting vasculitis that once stopped my heart, so they were prepared for it. No major complications beyond that.

    And then my catheter came into play. It's a three-way catheter that has the usual drain, and ballon tubes, but also has a third inlet tube. They hooked it up to four massive saline bags and let them drain into my bladder. The saline, with blood, just came right back out into my urine bag, and I never really felt it. By about 3am the next morning, my urine had cleared up to a light pink.

    The only big problem I had is the nurses had to come in every-single-hour to drain my bag. I didn't get a wink of sleep thursday night. My pain was moderately high, but was easily managed with pain meds and lubricant for the catheter.

    Well that, and I kept leaking just a little blood and urine past the catheter. By mid morning friday I was sitting in a pool of blood and pee. I managed to myself out of the hospital bed, and get cleaned up. I was also able to reposition the catheter, which was taped to my leg, so it is now tapped to my abdomen. This allowed my finally put a diaper on, which has been catching those leaks.

    When my urologist finally came in to check on me I showed him my diaper so he could see how much I was leaking. He said that was normal, and the diaper was a pretty good idea. He said most people, including himself, would never think of that. So I was kind of proud of being diapered after that, and said yup my diaper is doing its job of helping improve my quality of life (doctors seem to like it when you say that)

    I did also go into the surgery with a particularly tough urinary infection too though. I've actually had it for years, and it has never bothered me. My urologist wanted to get rid if it though, so I was put on the toughest antibiotics they had. After 24 hours of that, they finally discharged me and I went home.

    I've been sleeping a LOT since then. My urine is now mostly all blood free. Though I am still leaking a little blood past my catheter. The tip of my penis still gets painful when the catheter dries out too. I have some lidocaine ointment though, and have to apply it to the catheter every few hours. Oh, and I forgot to mention. It's a 24fr size catheter, so pretty big and part of why it hurts so much. It's needed though, so as to help make sure my stricture stays gone and open.

    The area around my prostate is also in pain. Generally just in between my legs, and a few inches deep. I'm taking oxycodone (my usual pain meds) for it, and managing ok. Each day I get better. Thankfully I have all of this week off too. I've picked up the game of thrones books to keep me busy and my mind off the pain. Seems to be working too.

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    Slomo--glad to see you made it thru without a lot of complications. Hope you are feeling much better this week. How long do you think you will have the 24f catheter?

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