We now have a "Gaming" group in Discord.

If you'd like to potentially play videogames with fellow ADISCers, get on Discord and ask Fluffy Wolfe to add you.

Members of the Gaming group get their own 'Gaming' voice and text channels in our Discord. They can also ping @here in the gaming-text channel to alert other online gamers that they're about to start gaming, and invite others to play with them.

To be clear: anyone at Contributor rank or higher (ie: any regular of the Discord) is able to join the Gaming group. All you have to do is send Fluffy Wolfe a Discord message and ask him to add you.

The reason we're making people have to opt-in to this, rather than just having it public by default, is that we want gamers to be able to ping @here to notify other online gamers of things (like "I am starting to play X, anyone interested?") without EVERYONE currently online getting the ping. Basically, the group is a way to let gamers network without annoying non-gamers.