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Thread: nouthing make me fell more like a little

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    Default nouthing make me fell more like a little

    nouthing make me fell more little then when my partner checks my diaper if I'm just in a diaper , onesie or shorts 90% of the time it fingers in the leg gap. or my fastest haveing the back if my diaper pulled back for a quick look of sniff.... anyone elsr

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    I don't have a partner who can check me unfortunately. But when I'm in little space, I do occasionally like to imagine that I'm being checked.

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    I am in the same situation as the both of you, however I have found other areas that makes me feel more little. Diapers (great quality and cute) are one, Pacifiers/Bottles, Plushies, Clothing and even down to what I watch or play while in little space has something to do with enriching my experience.

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