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Thread: Who sells the best footed pj's

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    Default Who sells the best footed pj's

    what online company sells the best quality pj's ?

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    If you want bespoke and thick,
    Or you can get them on Amazon, Walmart, Target,,,, ebay, etc. There are many places online where you can get them.

    If you are looking for the best, imo, would be the all in one company.

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    Seconding the All-In-One-Company, bought one from them after a long email conversation to figure out Things I couldn't due yto my visual impairment. Really great help, extremely great product too. On the expensive side, but definitely worth it in my opinion. I'd recommend asking for a fabric sample at first, certainly helped me choose what fabric to get my sleeper made of (went with the sweatshirt, I'm beyond satisfied!).

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    I just purchased recently a XL Joe Boxer footed pajama from sears in the store and they are 40% off right now.

    Its tight. i'm 5'9" 160lbs. you can't really wear a thick diaper in this cause the groin area is tight. not enough that you have a high pitched voice. Its seems the more I wear it it stretches out and becomes more comfortable. Buy one and see if its fits you and if not return it.

    I'm going to buy this one online and see if it fits and if not i'll return it. I think there size is wrong on it.

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    I get my footies at I got a set of rubber duckies ones and thhey fit my 6'2" but i dont like the ones that use a but flap.

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    Default Who sells the best footed pj's

    I am a big fan of privatina while they are no good on communication their products are very nice looking and last a long time! I have quite a few PJs from them this one beings the oldest

    After 4 or five years it's still in nice condition I wear it two to three times a week

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    I like these people: They sell nice stuff. I have 5 of their footie sleepers and like them.

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    I just purchased a Lands End Footed sleeper, in the size 20 and received it today. Man does it fit and is so warm. its nicely tight from my neck to my crotch. its looser from there to my toes. my size is 160lbs 5'9". I can't wait for the cold weather to come now. I've said before in this post I bought footed sleepers at sears in the size 14/16 that from the neck to the crotch is smaller but no to uncomfortable. I think a 18 would be just perfect.

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