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Thread: You're granted one diaper-related wish, what is it?

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    That wearing diapers would be more of a social norm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Note View Post
    Why the extra emphasis on woman?
    Because I'm not in to seeing dudes wearing diapers. If there is a guy wearing then that's cool but I think it would be more socially acceptable for women to wear. Women wearing diapers are appealing to me. I think it's sexy. I like when they have obvious diaper butt.

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    If it'd be socially accepted as a something normal.

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    My wish would be to be returned to babyhood in size but retaining all mental attributes, and to be allowed to grow again but this time with the knoweldge I now posses.
    That would allow me to decide when and where I become potty trained if at all

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    The hope that wearing diapers is normal and no one is judgemental about it

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    For Adult Diaper companies to have access to the patents and trademarks of Baby Diaper companies. Feels like we're always 5 to 10 years behind due to having to reverse engineer the tech.

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    That it all be voluntary.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Bucephalus View Post
    That it all be voluntary.
    OK time for me to chime in on this and make two camps happy...

    "that a person could transfer their incontinence to another willing person"

    There, now we're both happy

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    Quote Originally Posted by littleboy904 View Post
    That wearing diapers was accepted by everyone and there was no stigma towards wearing them. No matter if they’re worn for need or pleasure.

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    Exactly the wish

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