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    Hi there! My name's Luke and I'm a 23yo DL from the UK. I've never indulged in these forums/blogs before now (or any forums really) but I'm interested to see what the fuss is all about!

    So a little about me. I'm 23, living in Cornwall, UK and happily married to my beautiful wife. I'm quite into my cars and the whole 'boy racer' thing. I'm a sucker for good music (most genres, I'm not fussy!) I used to play Runescape a lot and still check in occasionally. I like playing xbox/PC games, having a good drinking sesh, tinkering with electronics and various things, I frequent the gym occasionally and I love good food and cooking. But that's just about all the groundwork you need!

    I'm here predominantly because I've never actually spoken to another AB/DL/watersports lover or anyone who's ever tried pee play etc. before. I know right, how?! My wife and I have had a good go and we talk about it sometimes but she really isn't into it like I am. It would be nice to just chat about everything diapers and pee without the feeling of judgment!

    I found out that I enjoyed pee from a relatively young age (10, maybe?) and diapers from around the age of 13 or so. My childhood neighbour (girl, roughly the same age) made me realise my love for pee; the earliest memory I have is of a trip to the beach. We found two hidden rock pools that we played in for the majority of the day and our parents ensured we were both well hydrated at all times. This, of course meant that we peed a lot during that day. She was the instigator, peeing through her bikini whilst sat in a rock pool that, once overflowed, poured into the large rock pool that we were playing in. We took in turns to sit in that tiny, piss-filled pool and empty our bladders. Eventually she couldn't be bothered to sit up in that pool anymore and she just started peeing whilst sat next to me instead. I knew when she did it because the water became noticably warmer; and when I asked she admitted it. Looking back, it was the hottest situation I'd ever been in. But we were too young and innocent to take any of it sexually. Over the next couple of years, we peed together in paddling pools in the garden, through our underwear in the park and even infront of eachother in the bushes. But none of it was sexual at the time. If only I'd known!

    I'm open to conversations with everyone, but would really like to chat to and meet some DL's in the UK! Thanks for reading this far and I hope you enjoyed the story! It still turns me on thinking about it now.

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    Hi and welcome to the site. I grew up on the beach in New Jersey, USA, and we'd play pee pranks on each other, being in the water and peeing next to one of our friends. That was usually followed by a lot of screaming. Boys are crazy.

    I'm a professional musician and I used to play keyboards and sing vocals for a very good cover band. We had the country club/wedding gigs and it helped put my kids through college. It was always fun.

    I hope you enjoy this site. The more you participate in the threads, the more friends you'll make. I'm not sure how many are into pee play, but there are some. We're definitely into diapers....haha.

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    Welcome Robbo, I used to play pee games from age 8/9 with my sister who was 9/10, just innocent messing about,,, but I'm sure it was these experiences that gave me an interest as an adult,

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