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Thread: Anyone knows of an ABDL retailer that ships to Mexico City?

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    Question Anyone knows of an ABDL retailer that ships to Mexico City?

    I've checked the ABU websitre once again, and turns out they ship down here, but the shipping cost is even higher than a package itself... 80 bloody dollars, and they don't ship from Amazon. Which is causing me a lot of frustration...
    I obviously don't have that money right now... And I know nobody would be willing to get them for me... So I'd like to know if someone knows about any other retailer that is able to ship AB diapers to Mexico for a more reasonable fee?
    And no, I'm not going to stick with Tena or stuff like that, so don't even mention them.

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    Save Express probably would do.

    What's reasonable though? ABDL diapers are big and heavy so it doest cost a bit to ship them internationally.

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    I'm so glad I live in the U.K. because I can get every nappies available with cheap post and packaging.

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