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Thread: Diaper good for a bed wiggler

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    Default Diaper good for a bed wiggler

    Hey all,
    Been having problems with the tabs on the diapers I use during the night. Basically I like to wiggle around in bed while I sleep, and lately it's been that bad that the tapes come off during the night which is never good, thinking about cloth diapers but would still like a disposable with strong enough tapes to last the night.

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    ABU recently switched to a new kind of tab on their diapers, they're distinct from past ones in that they're more transparent/clear than the old ones.

    They are INCREDIBLE for nighttime. Probably some of the most sturdy tabs I've ever seen on a diaper before.

    In my experience, cloth-backed diapers stick far worse than plastic backed ones, although I haven't tried the new Magnifico diaper that has the cloth-like taping panel velcro thing. Maybe those are worth a try?

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    onsie should stop that from happening I would think.

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    I'd suggest you try a few bags of the bambino magnifico. Pretty high capacity, great velcro tapes, stretchy sides. Might be more than you want to budget tho.

    ABU's simple are my other recommendation. Same as their two ABDL cousins but at a lower cost. Good tapes and high capacity.

    Or if you're in Rearz's area instead of ABU, then go with their inspire/incontrol, the plain (cheaper) variant of the Safari/Princess. VERY high capacity and fairly good tapes.

    Carousel are also worth a look if you can find them. Surprisingly cheap by the case, good capacity, good tapes.

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    Thanks to Kerry's recommendation I'm now on board with the German-made betterdry diapers that are sold on Rearz's website. They are seriously one of the most effective diapers I have ever worn. Littlepawz are great and all but they still tend to leak especially if you are wetting them in your sleep while laying on your belly. I do not have this problem when I wear betterdry diapers.
    Also, not to mention the tapes are so great I'd compare them to the quality of the original Abena M4 diapers

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    I'd second trying betterdry. Also try wearing a diaper cover oflver your disposable. It will help prevent the tapes from coming off with your wiggling around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xpluswearer View Post
    flex seal diaper sealer it comes in a can LOL KIDDING
    Or maybe a tube of RTV

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    You could try using a stapler & staple the tapes on the position of your diaper, I do that whenever the same happens to me & sometimes it works.

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