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    Default ABU onesie

    I was wondering, is it best to just get the white trial onesie first before trying to get either the space or little paws onesie.

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    I don't really think so.

    Just make shore that it is your size too small I won't be able to do the snaps up between your legs, to big and you won't get the feel of the soft cloth next to you skin.

    Mine feel so nice and worm.


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    Abu onesies run a little large

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    It's fine to get a trial white onesie from ABU. That's what they were advertised for. You can try on a white onesie to find the right size and then as long as you return within 30 days, they refund you or credit you for the onesie you are going to purchase. Return postage is included. The biggest issues for me are length and width, more so with length. I have a big build but I'm not that long. However also note that ABU onesies are 100% cotton so you could potentially shrink them if you wash in hot water. For me the sizes run pretty true to adult male sizes and fit me perfectly width wise. Length is a little bit long for me but extra padding helps :P If you have any concerns you could post a question on the abucares support page and someone from ABU can assist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KryanAshford View Post
    I'm about 5 ft 6 and around 115lbs which should size should I get?
    After reading your post, I would recommend an extra small. I am taller and weigh a little more than you, and the extra small fits me perfectly. If it's loose, I would suggest you shrink it a little in the dryer.

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    ABU onesies run large. Err on the side of too small.

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