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Thread: bambino's magnifico pullups - first impressions

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    Default bambino's magnifico pullups - first impressions

    I got in some of the new magnifico pullups, and must say I'm a bit underwhelmed, though there are numerous interesting new features introduced.

    As is the case with most pullups, they're packed in bags a lot less orderly than the regular tape-on briefs, but these were in bags that were a bit oversize, and just all kind of stuffed in there and loosely sealed shut. (like you could have fit another 2-4 in the bag, and every bag had its own irregular shape due to the random packing) I place a fairly high value on presentation with my diapers, (as I suspect a lot of us do) and this was rather disappointing, opening these up looked about as good as a generic pullup from name-your-pharmacy.

    The pullups seem to have less padding in them also - a weight check shows 3.95g for the pullups vs 7.41g for the briefs. Crotch padding width is 4" (yes really) on pullups compared to over 7.5" on briefs. I was also expecting a plastic main shell but that's my bad for not reading the description more closely. (these are completely clothlike, not the hybrid style of the magnifico briefs) Leak guard height can be pulled up out to 1" but normally rests at around 1/2" on the pullups, and that's just sad, especially when you combine that with the narrow crotch.

    THAT being said, they are the most comfortable pullups I've ever worn. The material is VERY plush and heavily pleated in the waist, with many bands of stretchy elastic. 5 before you even get past the padding at the top, 9 more above that, and finally 5 after that which are spaced closer together, so it really gives a nice graduated fit (more elastic pull as you get up above your hips) for a great fit that stays up without feeling like a tube-sock-one-size-too-small.

    There's still a very respectable amount of padding there, and should be great for daywear and handing at least one or maybe two large wettings (or all-day-dribble) but with those puny leak guards there's no way I'd trust these for laying down or overnight, and sitting is questionable. They also have some good elastic around the leg cuffs that goes quite a ways up the back and has a good pull to it so there is that I suppose.

    Oh you know what I just noticed something else too. Didn't someone say there was going to be a blue color to indicate which was the front and which was the back? I don't see anything like that on this diaper. But after realizing it "should have a front and back side" I looked a bit closer, and was quite shocked to discover the leg elastic does not run front-to-back! It comes down one side in the front, gets close to the crotch, then suddenly turns in toward the center. Crossing the crotch, it then hits the other side and goes back up the other side! That's so weird? So there's this 2" part of the middle of the crotch where the only elastic is in the leak guard. The leg elastic bands from the front and back meet up with the lowest elastic around the waist on the left and right sides, so you're literally "surrounded by elastic".

    The more I look at this diaper the more I find. Turning it inside-out, there are two horizontal leak guards in the front and back, one at the top of the padding and another about an inch below. They don't have any elastic, and are easy to miss if you're not looking for them because they start out pretty stuck down and you have to pull them up off the inner liner to stretch them out. But there's no elastic in them so I don't imagine they're too effective, but maybe helpful for side sleepers? They're about 1/2" and 3/4" high. An elastic band here would really help, as they just don't stay extended. The inner liner also has a fine quilting/texture to it also, which the magnific briefs lack.

    Found it. Four of the elastic bands on on end of the diaper are light blue - very easy to miss even if you're looking for it. And I still can't tell any other difference between the front and the back. Padding is same width, length, and thickness. *shrug*

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    I unfortunately very much disliked them. They were uncomfortable and they leaked.

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    Are there many options for non-medical pull ups besides this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleSBF View Post
    Are there many options for non-medical pull ups besides this?
    Are there any non-medical / toddler pull-ups? I don't think so, I haven't seen any? AFAIK bambino is the first one to market. NorthShore somewhat caters to ABDL and released a pull-up awhile ago but I think you'd classify it as medical. (it's also a bit too much of a "tube-sock" fit for my taste)

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