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    Hello all,

    I will start by saying that I was a member before adisc was adisc. Been a gawker in recent months as my desire to hear from other dl's grows once again. As custom, I shall divulge some details a la my persona.

    I was born on leap year of '92, so I'm actually 6 guys! Ok, just kidding... but, I do enjoy being on here when life permits. That being said, I enjoy wearing (obviously, I'm in an ATN right now) the outdoors, I'm a gear/petrol head, love music, gaming, technology, and some more things that seemingly escape my mind... I'll have to buy a new one.

    My dl life has been around since I was probably 6-8 years old, and I was off and on with my night wearing until 10 for night wetting. After that I used whatever I could get, which was usually my younger sister's pullups she didn't need. It kept progressing, and after years of never being discovered, either at home or otherwise, here I am, still at it today. It has been and will be a huge part of me.

    I was a seven year band student in school, which attributes to my love of arts. I was a technology student as well, honor student and all that jazz. My gaming and film habits are the second biggest thing in life aside from my occupation, and I spend rigorous hours with both. Usually diapered if not at work, makes playing and editing that much better.

    Well, that's the short version. I thought I wouldn't write a college essay, so this will have to do, I look forward to making my presence known once again, and meeting everyone.

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    Hello NehFassSinonKron and welcome to the group.

    Very nice introduction.


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