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Thread: Penis up, where have you been all my (diapered) life?

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    Default Penis up, where have you been all my (diapered) life?

    I always took the advice of the diaper packages, and pointed my penis down into the diaper. I was just browsing Understanding Infantilism and he recommended up for day wearing and down at night.

    I normally start leaking before my diaper is wet from front to back. Not this time. I was shocked when I took off the Abena L4 and it was totally soaked back to front.

    I have a new best diaper practice!

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    I always point down because pee wicks to the back and you get more out the nappy.

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    That wasn't my experience . . . but it could have been a fluke.

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    how well up works during the day depends on how close you get to the top of the padding in the front and how the padding fits in the front. As long as there's good drainage to the middle, it'll probably be okay. Any higher-sap diaper will have problems wickup upward from the crotch regardless of how urine gets there though, so how well the back soaks up depends on the diaper.

    When laying on your back or when sitting down however, down is pretty much required if you want to get good capacity and avoid leaks.

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    I mainly point up because I find it far more comfortable. It's how I point when wearing underwear, too. With regard to diaper performance, I've had a few "oops, missed the diaper" accidents as a result of pointing up, but they've been few and far between, and only with disposables. I've never had a problem pointing up when wearing cloth (pin-on) diapers with plastic pants.

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    How could pointing up get the back soaked?
    Also how high should the diaper/padding be?

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    I find Attends slip and Molicare Slip has the best pulp for wicking wetness around the nappy instead of just wicking around where you pee leaving the back dry. That's why I don't like AB nappies because they don't wick.

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    This isn't really something I've ever considered. Due to my specific deformities I can only ever go "forward" so to speak. Pointing isn't really an option, >__>

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    Down isn't really even an option for me, due to my size.

    Pointing up is only ever a problem when there isn't enough padding in the front or the diaper, and it doesn't extend up to the waist like it's supposed to.

    With a properly sized and adequately padded diaper, wicking is not a problem regardless of pointing up or down.

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