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Thread: Everyones favorite pad and tampon

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    Default Everyones favorite pad and tampon

    What is everyones favorite maxi pad and tampon to wear?

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    I personally prefer Tampax pearl. Even when I'm diapered I like to wear a tampon, it just feels better to me not to stay in blood all day.

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    I love U Kotex brands. But I can't wear the pads anymore because of my menstruation flow. I wear the pantyliners and tampons on certain occasions, but not always since tampons aren't good for your privates (they absorb important bodily fluids that keep your privates clean and healthy).

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    I'm a guy so I like things with plastic applicators that make the butt insertion a little easier. I tend towards playtex sport.

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    1 pack each of Always Maxi pads, size 1 thru 5, I package of Sofy Overnights 42cm 10 pack, and about 1/2 packages each of Tampax Pearl Active Lites, Regular, and Super. I like the Tampax Pearl active because of the thinner applicators. I think these Tampons aren't quite as large as the Tampax Pearls, but they are certainly easier to insert. I use K-Y Jelly on the applicators of all my tampons.

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    Playtex sport is my favorite and I don't wear pads

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