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Thread: Post about older ABDL's 35 and up.

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    Default Post about older ABDL's 35 and up.

    Hi everyone!

    I am just getting back into the online DDLG/ABDL community after a 5 year relationship and I am finding is that there seems to be a lack of support and resources for us older people, I'd say 35 and up. I think one of the reasons is that us older people don't think to use the apps such as Tumblr, Twitter and Snapchat. I just dove into all of those and honestly it's taking me a while to figure out how the heck to connect to people. I am posting but I'm getting no response and I'm really starting to think that it's my age.

    I am a very normal in the vanilla world and a 56 year old daddy who is searching for a new little/ABDL and I'd really like to find someone a bit closer to my age for the simple fact that outside of the scene we would just have way more in common. This is not written in stone though because I do believe it all depends on the individual.

    I think there may be a stigma towards us over 40 but guess what, we are all exactly the same no matter what age. Just like the newbies, we got into it at a very young age, in my case I was 6 when I had my very first trigger and started having thoughts of diapers and spanking girls who were naughty. It has always been part of me. I went through the aloneness, thinking there was something wrong with me, the nervousness of buying diapers for the first time, the secrecy, the shame, etc. These desires are part of us and it has absolutely nothing to do with age.

    Just because we are older does not make us perverts. As a matter of fact, being a little or ABDL actually keeps you younger.

    I have been faced with having to use Craigslist and Fetlife as the tools to try to find a true little who like me, has this secret part of themselves and is very genuine. Those 2 resources are really not that great in my opinion. I can tell you some stories but I will leave that to other posts.

    Are there others here in the same boat? If so, I'd love to hear your experiences.
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    Hey there, welcome aboard. 41-year-old here. I wouldn't say that I'm in the same boat exactly, as I'm not looking for real-life relationships, but I think you've already touched on one issue: Participation in social media does seem to be inversely proportional to age--to an extent. And there's also the somewhat more obvious issue that with age comes the increasing likelihood of a person's already being in a long-term relationship. Put another way, you're fishing for a less-common fish, and in places it's less likely to swim. I'm not saying I have the antidote or even any good advice. I'm just reading the situation.

    Regarding prejudice against older members, I guess I haven't seen much of that. Without a doubt, they are fewer. We have some members in their 70's, but the 20-somethings clearly rule the roost. I think the "pervert" factor really comes down to how you represent yourself and where. ADISC isn't a meet-up/hook-up site, for instance. Lots of us really appreciate it for that atmosphere. Consequently, overt attempts at hooking up aren't looked on kindly. If you're here mainly to meet people and hope to meet up with them in real life, your best bet is to take the patient "if you build it, they will come" approach: Just be straightforward, honest, friendly, and let any opportunities present themselves.
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    Hey Cottontail! Thanks for your insight. I agree with everything you said and no I didn't come here to hook up I came to ask questions like this and share experiences but I won't lie, you always hope the right person is out there and takes notice. I totally agree with you on the creep factor as they are out there at any age.

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    I'll just a echo what cottontail said regarding social media

    I met my little through Little Big Land which is a meat for littles at their bigs

    Where we can meet in safety and be ourselves for a while in innocent play.

    I believe that are similar places in the USA where you can meet other littles and get to know people for real

    After I had met up with my little brother Isaac for about three times at his meats we've got chatting on social media.

    I don't think it would have worked so well doing it the other way round. Meeting him on social media and then arranging to meet up at LBL. As there is quite an age gap between us.

    The same approach may work better for you just going to meet and have fun in little space and see who you end up making friends with first.

    Then let them decide whether you get the daddy title or not

    It may take some time before you meet up with your little.

    also consider taking on a little boy instead a little girl, as it does not need to be sexual.

    All the best in your search.


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    I"m a 69 year old member, one that's been on this site for nine and a half years. Like Cottontail, I have no desire to meet other AB/DLs or meet up as I'm married and my wife supports me in all of this. You can go to munches through Fetlife I suppose, or at least that has been mentioned on this site.

    I'm a member on one other blog, and it deals with pianos and concert pianists, so nothing like Twitter or Tumblr. I'm okay with what I do and how far I take it. I really don't know much about Facebook and other social media, so I can't help you much, but I'm sure younger members will respond with information.

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    I am age 59.
    There are quite a few older AB/DL persons here.

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    Iím 54. Iím not looking to meet up with anyone because Iím married and my wife is my mummy and Iím really content with what I have. However I do agree with you about the creep factor. I would love to make some genuine online friends that are like me in this regard but I increasingly doubt thatís going to happen. I mean itís not like Iím going to just go and message an 18 year old because thatís definitely considered creepy. Iím in a position where Iíve basically got to wait for someone to come to me and even then I would have to be honest about my age at the start and see if they were still comfortable chatting. Itís rather hard to deal with when you donít see yourself as that age at all.

    Iím on tumblr. I really like using it, but I havenít been on it that long. The oldest person Iíve come across thatís been a little on there is 33, so yeah, itís a little alienating and I donít talk to anyone there. Thatís why I like here so much because although few in number there are older members.

    The irony of it all is the vast majority of my close friends in real life are under 35, but obviously being online is a different world. You have to meet people intentionally rather than just by circumstances and therefore itís considered weird to approach anyone with that big an age gap.

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    I'm 40. Also married and not looking for any meet ups. I do agree that older adults in general are just not as active with social media as younger generations are. This in it's self limits us finding other older abdls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babycome2daddy View Post
    Just because we are older does not make us perverts.
    We geting older and more perverse, as minimum myself... and I'm (A-)social network hater.

    I'm two timews separated and actually don't searching for something serious.

    And about meet-ups... In ABDL world exists for me some limits. Prefere go to drink some vodkas/beer with ABDLs before changing messed diaper of 100% AB.

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    I'm in my 40's, and being of the "get off my lawn" age bracket understand the spirit of what you're communicating. But, like others who have replied am happily married. So I have a problem with not engaging in reverse discrimination (for lack of better term). I'm comfortable with most social networks and use many. But I can't relate to what the youngsters like. I internally stigmatize things such as Pull-ups (because, those aren't diapers in my mind). And I shouldn't, so I know I should keep my mouth shut - though I just opened it wide!

    Watch guys like dogboy. He's a good example of how to be a good example, and a great ambassador of us older folk.

    Now I'll go back to reminiscing about how being a kid in the 70's and 80's was way better than the 90's - 00's

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