Today, I'm making the following changes to the rules on Company Reps:
  • Clarified that company reps are required to follow the company rep rules (section 15 in the rules) regardless of whether they have a "Rep for _____" title or not.
  • Clarified that it is not up to the rep themselves whether they are considered a rep or not. If they meet the criteria (Any individual who owns or is employed by any company which sells adult diapers or ABDL products) they are considered a rep.
  • Note: reps who are here in a purely personal capacity don't have to have a "Rep for _____" title, but they DO still have to email me, and they ARE still subject to all the rules for company reps.
  • Clarified that company reps may create one thread to announce the launch of entirely new products of their own design, but all other marketing/promotion threads require my approval before they can be posted. Such approval must be requested at least a week in advance, via forum PM, is not guaranteed, and, when obtained, must be clearly displayed in any resulting thread. This rule is so that other moderators don't assume the thread wasn't approved before it was posted.
  • This also means that we may, from time to time, approve company reps creating marketing/announcement/giveaway/sale threads, IF we think that this is in the best interest of our community - but they have to convince us of that before they can post them. We're very unlikely to approve things like a 10% off sale thread, but a 50% off sale thread, we might. The thread has to has serious value to our community for us to approve it. Remember, ADISC is run as a not-for-profit, not a business. We survive on donations. We are not here to make money. We are not interested in selling any form of advertising on our site. That means if you approach us and offer money in any form in exchange for permission to advertise here, the answer will be no. Don't offer us money. Instead, explain to us how the thread you want to create enriches our community. How it gives them a rare opportunity. That is the only method that is going to be able to secure permission to post marketing/announcement/giveaway/promotion threads here.
  • Clarified that company reps may not talk about their company or its products without disclosing that they work there. Almost all company reps here on ADISC are clearly marked as "Rep for companyname" in their title, and so already meet this requirement. This is being added to explicitly prevent employees of ABDL companies from posting about their company, or its products, while pretending to be just a customer.