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Thread: New Zealand Premium Diaper Group Buy/Invest

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    Post New Zealand Premium Diaper Group Buy/Invest

    Hi guys,

    In the past, I've been fortunate enough to be able to ship briefs, such as Rearz Inspire+ and Comficare M10, from abdlfactory (Netherlands). The shipping used to range from 70-80USD.

    Sadly with the 2018 price increase from FEDEX, the price of shipping is fast approaching ~150% of the order price, we need to work out an alternative!

    It would be really exciting to get (1) our first big groupbuy shipment down here and (2) perhaps a shop in the future.

    If we register enough interest I will start calling for details and possibly ordering a shipping container!

    Pop your interest and questions below! Cheers =)

    Volunteers needed! - Ideal Team for this sort of thing know anyone?
    - (2) Anyone wanting to invest?
    - A superstar Logistics/Customs person to handle a shipping pallet
    - A superstar in Auckland with a Garage or Warehouse to store the Shipment - Class 2-5 Drivers License is a bonus!
    - A superstar willing to help package individual orders - Trademe experience?
    - A superstar HR manager - Safety net role - Someone who can publicly reveal their identity act as a intermediary
    - A superstar webdeveloper - Me =)
    - A superstar Treasury - Owner of a registered business and business bank act willing to be legal anchor to fulfillment of our orders

    Shipping a 20 ft container from north side of the planet costs $2600-2800 USD - roughly 450 Cases, 3 packs percase, 12 Briefs per pack.
    Each case will be roughly be 45-60USD = $20190USD

    Cost before duty and gst $29800USD on the high end
    Total Cost including customs duty and GST *1.055 *1.15 = $36154USD/$49249.42NZD/$45854.87AUD

    Cost Price Pack of 12 = 36.48NZD/33.97AUD + individual Shipping
    Versus current Prices we pay = 44.04NZD/~41AUD + individual Shipping - 10-20% profit for local AUS online stores atm (they probably only shipped pallets not 20ft containers)

    ^^ this is the high end estimate of shipping to NZ, cheaper if shipped to AUS, pretty sure doable

    Lets say the avg person gets 6 packs a year, that means 225 People will need to invest/groupbuy $216-230 NZD/AUS into this.

    Side note: I know there are Quite a few ABDL's here in NZ given that my friend sold some premium diapers VERY quickly on trademe for me! DEFS worth setting up a store...
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    I think you might want to add to that list, very near the top you might want someone with import/logistics experience, have you though about how you'll deal with the customs/GST issues etc?

    - - - Updated - - -

    And at the very top of you list, right above the logistics dude, you'll need to add SOMEONE WITH VERY DEEP POCKETS!

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    Hey @aleakybb

    I'm planning a group buy one off so the money would come from NZ/AU mates.
    Regards to customs - Something I did overlook!


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    One thing i'll point out - Its currently around $217AUD for a full case of ABU shipped from Australia, so roughly $3 each
    Rearz Inspire+ by the case, no shipping are $3.20 ish

    Shipping in NZ, unless we have someone who has a corporate account with CourierPost etc is going to be really expensive

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    What? you think he is going to CourierPost a container?

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    Well, unless he is planning on personalised deliveries, they have to get from the container to peoples homes.

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    I would be interested in this, but it working out the maths. I don't think it worth to included Australia, there are already have abu, Rearz, Fabines & Bambino Products available locally, which their prices in AUS $ are pretty reasonable, the shipping between Aus & NZ is what often puts me off buying (Makes me think twice) It would be difficult to know if NZ has a big enough market to bring in a container, i suspect if you can bring in a good mixture of products (know the right ratio of sizes etc) it could work over time, but end sales price is the big thing.

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