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Thread: Phrases said in my childhood that make me react the same way as an adult

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    Default Phrases said in my childhood that make me react the same way as an adult

    So the other day I was waiting in an airport with my parents [we were heading back to England from our holiday] and dad was trying to annoy me, and it ended up reminding me of this annoying thing he did.
    when I was a child and threw a strop and didn't want to smile or calm down. he'd look me in the face and just say "I can see a smile wanting to come out!"
    and it would always work. no matter how hard I tried not to.
    I'd always end up smiling.
    I guess my point to this is. I never realised how many things adults would say to me as a kid. still push my buttons nowadays.
    do any of you have any phrases that'd trigger you in much the way they would as a kid?


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    I haven't thought about that yet. But I was definitely smiling after reading the phrase your dad has said.

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    I was sexually abused as a child, and to this day, and probably forever, my biggest trigger phrase has been "it's our secret." It doesn't matter what the situation it was in. We could be planning a surprise party and someone could say it and suddenly I'd be ashamed and guilty. I don't like secrets, to this day.

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    pgfdp. I am so sorry for you. my deepest sympathies.
    I had not intended for this post to bring up traumatic memories. nor had I considered that it would.
    I cannot comprehend how horrible that must have been but I pray that you will find peace and be able to put such a past behind you.

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