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Thread: What colour were Molicare nappies back in 1991?

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    Default What colour were Molicare nappies back in 1991?

    I spent 13 weeks in a*orthopaedic*hospital when I was*around 5 or 6. It was 1991. I remember this like it was yesterday, my mother was talking to another women in a separate bedroom, the person in the bed was severely mentally disabled, on his bedside he had a pack of purple nappies, I have never seen purple nappies since apart from Molicare, Could they of been Molicares? I begged my mum and they let me have one, all I remember is playing with then tossing up under somebody else's bed on the ward.

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    That's them. Molicare was all purple up until about a year ago.

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