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Thread: Anybody else really struggle with the fact the babyfur community is so small?

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    Default Anybody else really struggle with the fact the babyfur community is so small?

    Hey Yall.

    Well the title pretty much sums it up but yeah. I have been a loner forever because I find it's so challenging to find social groups and friends within the babyfur community. The community is tiny and the dating scene tends to be pretty toxic. I'm 26 years old now, i have watched Adisc come into its existence from afar and yet I don't really feel like I have much to contribute. It really is challenging being apart of such a small sub group.

    Furry websites/typical furs aren't really too interest in yea. The AB/DL community is a lot healthier these days so I know we tend to blend in with them heavily. Hence here we are a sub forum. Social networking seems to be kind of a disaster within the community. There isn't many social forums, even less chat rooms, and the chat rooms that do exist are both not user friendly and typically have random unnecessary hurdles for you to do in order to join such as downloading stuff, screening your e-mail which is often bugged with no support button to put in a petition for said bug, or forced forum participation. I personally end up getting exhausted with the process of these types of methods of socialization before I get the software to work.

    How do other folks feel? Got a pretty wide age group on here at this point. We went from no forums, to sketchy going to get raped stuff like deeker, to what we have now.

    What seems to work for you guys? Where does the best babyfur social networking take place these days? I'm not much for conventions atm I'm focused on my work and don't have time. Would be nice to make some friends.


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    To answer the title question, no, it doesn't bother me.

    I'm sure you know about FurAffinity but the babyfur community there seems pretty big, on the art side anyway (I don't use the forums there as I've seen anti-babyfur talk).

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    I'm a babyfur, and I'm here ^!^

    I think you can find them via FA notes, and I know a Discord chat for babyfurs like ADISC have, but I prefer the personal conversation rather than crowded chatrooms, so I do not miss them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xionghaizi View Post
    why do they want to screen emails?
    Generally it's to make sure it's a real person applying as opposed to a bot. The problem is if there screening software is off I/E: I put in an e-mail address accurately and it doesn't successfully e-mail me the code to verify I am a person there is often no way to easily talk to another person to fix the issue.

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    it's a minority but as i know there are a vast number of people, for example the number of diaperfur/babyfur art shows something

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    I've personally never really ran into these problems. I started off as a AB and have been slowly converted to a bfur/furry. I only focused on bfur art of FA and I never really been on the FA forums. However I've chatted with a bunch of bfurs via telegram and there seems to be a big fur presence on twitter. I've never really ran into any bfur haters, atleast not yet. I've been to a few local fur meets and for the most part no one has said anything. I don't stick my bfur art in their face though. I just have a cute badge of me without diapers. I'm pretty passive and let other littles or bfurs or people curious to ask me about it first.

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    I haven't had that problem myself personally. But that might be because of the fact that im an active user off Furaffinity to look at babyfur art and comics. I also have a babyfur twitter account which has opened the door to a huge part of the babyfur community for me.

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    I'm not a big fan of the AB portion, mostly just a DL. I think that I would consider myself a furry because I like anthropomorphic animals so I guess that would make me a DF, It's just a weird classification that I'm not sure about.

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