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Thread: Biggest diaper order?

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    Default Biggest diaper order?

    I recently ordered some of the last batch of Abena M4s, and a few other diaper brands... and I was amazed that the courier listed the total weight of the delivery as 37kg! That's more than half my weight!

    Should keep me going for a while. I still have a stash of plastic-backed M3s and Tenas... and one last PE Kolibri Comslip in an alarmed bulletproof display case. It's currently insured for 250 Abenas, but I'm wondering if it's more valuable than that... :-/

    Anyway, I'm almost tempted to order one more case, just so I break that psychological milestone and say that I own my own weight in diapers, but... that's a bit unnecessary.

    How big are your orders? Does anyone here actually own their own weight in diapers?

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    I ordered 6 cases of BetterDry a while back. That's 360 diapers, and the total weight was like 160lbs.

    I'm getting ready to order a whole metric shit ton more of them too.

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    Default Biggest diaper order?

    I bought 7 cases of seni Quattro large. I don't know what the weight was. But that was the most I've ordered at one time.
    I weigh 220lbs so you figure up the math on that one.

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    I have a whole room full of boxes and boxes of Diapers, usually I order 2 cartons at a time, my other thread regarding Abena was due to an audit of the room, I was trying to move older stock from behind newer stock, some of which is approaching 2 years old, I'd estimate that if every nappy was around 130gr average I'd have about 1.5 ton of nappies in stock.
    Not including cloth or the 320-340 plastic pants I have.
    Hmmm perhaps things have gotten a little out of hand?

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    shipping weights are often expressed as "dimensional weight" which is based on the size of the package rather than the actual weight. I think UPS does it as ( length x width x height) divided by 164.

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    I just ordered 96 Tena Small briefs not too long ago! They came in 8 bags of 12 and the UPS weight was 17 pounds, but it didn't feel heavy when I carried it into the house!

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    My biggest diaper order was several weeks ago. I ordered 2 cases of Tena classic diapers (200 nappies). I still have yet to finish the first case.

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    I've ordered 3 cases on several occasions. But the biggest was 3 cases and a 12 pack.

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    Nay...first I am a big guy (220 lbs at this time) and second, I tend to order smaller quantities since I do not wear often.

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    I get about 4 cases of AbriForm L4s a month, and it's necessary for me to get that every month. Every other month I order a case of boosters, and I tend to order a case of ABDL diapers on the off months. 39.92kgs according to FedEx, so a lot, but nowhere close to half my bodyweight, heh heh

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