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    Ive had to go to physical therapy for a few months now after a surgery and i'm almost done. You might think I should be celebrating, but i'm actually really sad. The therapist I saw in the beginning was the most amazing and caring person

    After some reflection I realized that I loved feeling so helpless with her. She had good intentions and spent time with me.

    for some reason, i was switched to another therapists scheduled and i'm rather annoyed. I don't wanna end my time with this random guy who also kind of makes me uncomfortable. I feel kind of abandoned. I'm also Not entirely ready to let therapy go. Its part of my routine, I love seeing my original therapist around.

    I don't even need to wear a brace much anymore but I cant bring myself to go out without it on. I don't think I wanna admit i'm almost fully recovered, because I wanna stay with my PT.

    I know I have to move on, and its rather silly and dumb how attached I am to physical therapy at this point. Ill just be sad and mopey for a few weeks than move on, i know it. Just in the moment its upsetting Does anyone know how I might move on quicker? Anyone have similar experiences?

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    [...]Does anyone know how I might move on quicker? Anyone have similar experiences?
    Even though, I don't have AB tendencies per-si... I do relate to the comfort and tending, that I also had with my original PT - off and on for a couple of years... She was going out on leave right after my last allotment for the year. This year when I re-upped following my Neuro's recommendation - I found out that my original PT had gone on to another clinic... I was bummed and apprehensive about having to reacquaint with a new therapist yet; this new one is working out quite nicely! It's worth pointing out though, I am well established with my care team over the years... they know me and; if I don't feel comfortable with someone (usually, someone that is uncomfortable with me)... I ask for and get someone else. Anyway, sort of a similar experience...

    You might check into a massage therapist... that way you'll get some beneficial tending to and, you won't have to struggle so much with it being over...

    Another thing to point out... playing lame, can give you a bad name (or at least some interesting remarks, on your medical charts) and, it may make the therapist's (and the clinic's) work look more poorly... which could interfere with their advancement, practices and, other job prospects, too... bring the brace with you yet, only use it if, you really need to, for support and safety... Let them know, how and when they've helped...

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    [...] Why are you posting this in the "Adult Babies & Littles" category? What does this have to do with AB?
    My guess

    I realized that I loved feeling so helpless with her.
    ... is an ode to being little and having a 'carer'...?

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    My wife had to go to physical therapy after her lower leg amputation. The people who worked with her were very nice so I can understand becoming attached to someone like that. I also know that physical therapy is very important as it enables one to live a much fuller, active life. To not move on from the brace and accept independence would be a big mistake. It's difficult to recover from going backward and you lose all that you've gained in your hard work. Move on and forward as it's in your best interest.

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    I had a PT that was very good and helpful and most important understanding.

    Then there was a sub for two weeks that had the compassion of a trash compactor. Push to hurt then go ten reps past that point. She had me doing the same exercises but she did not watch just started the machine and left then came back and started the next task.

    When my original PT came back from Vacation she was so pissed because it was obvious that I had back slid.

    I have no Idea what my point is other then one PT is different from the next.

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