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Thread: He should have at least worn a real diaper. SMH

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    Although I had a fair guess as to the kind of diaper you were referring to, when I clicked on the link, there was no image. This story still has a pic of the gorilla guy and his disappointing diaper:

    There's not much relevant to us in this except that I notice he was only cited for Obstruction and the whole hassle was built up over apparent theft rather than how he was dressed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bp220 View Post
    I always wonder about people who use halloween or a "prank" as an excuse to wear a diaper thats visible to evryone. Its like, are they ABDL or not? I mean wearing a diaper isnt even funny unless your a little kid and dressing as a baby for halloween isnt original or creative at all so why are they doing it? An excuse to display and experience their fantasy? I think thats the case a lot of the times.

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