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Thread: Abena PE expiry dates

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    Default Abena PE expiry dates

    Good day, has anyone ever seen a pack of Abena L4 plastic backed with a expiry date later than August 2020, manufactured 08 2015?
    I'm beginning to wonder if that was the last production run of plastic backed Abena L4, if so that does not bode well.


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    I have a few bags in my closet, I'll check when I get home

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    Supposedly, the last production of PE-backed Abri-Form M4/L4 diapers was 15/9/2017.

    The current M4 diapers I have (received today) were manufactured on 7/8/2017, and have an expiry date of 8/2022.

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    tiny this is indeed good news, at least there is still production, what country/supplier was that batch ordered from?

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    Quote Originally Posted by aleakyboomboom View Post
    tiny this is indeed good news, at least there is still production, what country/supplier was that batch ordered from?
    They were from Save Express in Germany. But according to them, production has now ceased, so companies are just selling off their current stock.

    Last time Abena temporarily ceased production of the plastic-backed Abri-forms, the stock at Save Express lasted for just under three months.

    It's incredibly frustrating. The plastic-backed M3 & M4s are/were the most comfortable, reliable diaper I've ever used. The cloth-like Abri-Forms are too saggy and don't fit anything like as snugly. And (paradoxically) the Air Plus (aka Premium) diapers are even worse -- the same as Abri-Forms but with a breathable backsheet (which also gets damp/clammy on the outside of the diaper), and extra elastic in the tapes... which only make the sagginess worse.

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    I'm a big fan of the L4 myself, I've used Betterdry and Dry24/7 and most of the various others, however the Abena L4 is my goto diaper, their Airplus is just junk, If i had to use a non plastic backed diaper, I'd go with AMD Slip Maxi+, the Abena Airplus, as you say sag too much for practical usage day to day.

    The day a diaper manufacturer ships their breathable backsheet diapers in a the same breathable backsheet material bag will be the day I'll consider them fit for purpose, why do the bags still need to be plastic? well the answer is in the question........
    Well atleast Molicare and Tena seen sense.

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