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    Default All-White GoodNites on

    I figured some people who are fond of the vintage-style GoodNites might be interested in what I found on

    These seem to be some kind of foreign import, but yet it says sold and shipped by Walmart. I suppose you can't be totally sure what you'll end up with it until it arrives, but for those who want to try...

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    The package looks a lot like the CA/SA version.
    However, has something funky happening. Either banks dont trust their card payment system, or that there's something terribly wrong with their system. I tried ordering something from, and the site kept saying that my card is not authorized.

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    The package also said that they are unisex. I've never seen these before and it seems sort of odd.

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    I bought a bag of these from Walmart and they are the same product you would get from a number of international markets. I bought the exact same bag when I was in Hong Kong and they are the same as you would get in a lot of different countries.

    They are nothing special. They are about the same size as current goodnites if not a little smaller and the outer cloth backing is the same as the old plane white trim fit goodnites. I appreciate the novelty factor of exotic goodnites, but unless you are a real collector, I wouldn't waste your money.

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    Interesting, I'll have to order some. I'd love to get some of the Korean goodnites too.

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    for those that don't know
    goodnights were plain white in America for a number of years before they started putting prints on them

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