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Thread: Hasocare disposable incontinence underwear for men

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    Default Hasocare disposable incontinence underwear for men

    I happened to stumble across these and I'm still trying to figure them out. They don't seem to be absorbent on their own--the seem to require a pad--but they also don't seem to be waterproof.

    It's an interesting idea, but it seems to solve a problem that very few will have. If the whole idea is to just replace the pad and keep wearing the same disposable pant, why not just wear regular brief underwear? Why pay nearly a dollar per undie? What am I missing here? I've looked and even the manufacturer's site is pretty skimpy on the deets.

    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


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    2 thoughts:

    maybe they're like the Kotex Personals - disposable pants but still meant for use with pads

    the girls designs are much nicer in both shape and decoration than the boys!

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    Because a lot of adults out there are horrified of having to wear anything closely resembling a diaper, pullup, or pad. Thry all believe "diapers are for babies", and even think it's immoral to wear one no matter how justified and needed they may be. This "underwear" is marketed solely for them.

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    I think I need to give these a shot. I have been wearing livdry diapers that basically work the same way and I really like those. I really like the idea of just changing the pad instead of the whole diaper

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