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    As foretold in my intro to this site I mentioned that I recently told my wife about being a "little" and I would tell that story.

    I am in my early thirties with a birthday coming up soon. I have had a pacifier and a bottle before. I had both about maybe 7-9 years ago. I went through a purge cycle before I got married. I told myself that this isn't really who I am and what I enjoy. Of course, I was lying to myself, but I gave an honest effort to be "normal." I got married a few years ago but ended up getting another pacifier. I hid it and used it whenever she wasn't around.

    I finally came clean with my wife last week. It was really hard and I was shaking as I did it I was so nervous. It took me so long to finally come out and say it that when I simply showed her my paci I am pretty sure she was relieved it wasn't anything worse. After that is when I decided to make an account on here.

    She never did get mad or angry that I kept it from her or about me liking these items also. I feel like she has every right to be mad since I should have been up front about it. She says she doesn't fully understand it but if it is what I need to be happy then she supports it!

    She asks me to what extent does this go and I told her everything I could possibly think of. I told her I wouldn't keep another secret from her.

    I came home the next day from work to find a humongous teddy bear in the bed that we decided should be named Mr. Brown. As before mentioned, my birthday is coming up so I ended up getting a much better paci from pacifiersrus (the one with the larger shield and a silicone teat size 7). I splurged and got the glow in the dark button also. She helped me pick it out even. I am using it right now and I have slept with it every night since it came in. I am absolutely in love with it. She thinks it is cute. I got a bottle from them also but I don't feel quite right using it in front of her yet. Although I have no trouble using my paci for some reason.

    I realize that I should never have kept anything like this from her and I still feel bad that I did. I was fighting my own demons. I know now telling her was one of the best decisions I ever made. I couldn't be more lucky to have her in my life.

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    You're very lucky to have a wife like that!

    Just make sure that you continue to give plenty of adult time.

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    What an awesome relationship you two have!! You're lucky to have her in your life. Best wishes to you both.

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    Congrats, it is great to come clean with the person who is the closest to you. I also had a great experience coming out as an ABDL. I think my boyfriend is more ok with it then I am actually Just make sure you don't push her too much and that you respect that even though she knows and accepts your little side, she does not have to feel ok about everything right away. So, baby steps. And always make sure she is ok with everything and that she knows she has a right to say it when she gets uncomfortable. It is a strange thing after all for most people to see and adult enjoy baby things and it takes a while even for the best of us to accept it.

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