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Thread: NUK 3 Pacifier_Does it works for an adult?

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    Default NUK 3 Pacifier_Does it works for an adult?

    Hi Everyone,

    I am a 35 years old guy. I have had the urgency to suck on a pacifier for a longtime now, but I haven't had the courage to buy one. I would like to experience the tender sensation of sucking on a pacifier to see if I can get some relieve and comfort for the crying baby inside of me. I would like to know if anybody has had the chance to try the pacifier NUK 3 (18 - 36 months)? Could you please let me know of your experience? Is it suitable for adults? I would like something to help me ease that is not to small for my adult mouth...I know the the ideal pacifier for an adult would be the NUK 5 Medic Pro. The problem is that NUK doesn't carry their 5 in my country, and ordering it online is not an option for me. If not, could you please advise of another brand of pacifiers offering a similar product as the NUK 5, meaning a pacifier for adults?

    Thanks in advance for your help!


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    I've tried it, and it's good, but small. Using it for more than a couple hours per day made my jaw sore and I have a relatively small mouth for an adult. (female)

    Once in a while I get the urge to use it but for the most part I like chewing on it.

    I'd say if you want it, go for it, not much to lose. Just keep in mind extended use may make your jaw sore

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    I agree mostly with what Sheepies said.

    The NUK 3 is relatively inexpensive and if it doesn't work out, you haven't lost much.

    Some people find the NUK 3 just right for them and others find it too small. Try it and find out.

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    I found NUK3 small for me. Useless for sleep too - it falls out.

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    I'm not a constant paci user; the only time I typically have a paci in my mouth is when I'm getting my pants changed. However, I buy Nuk 3s for the same reason BabyDenise mentioned ... they're inexpensive, easily found and colorful. I'm not sure my infrequent use could justify a genuine adult paci. If I didn't have to wear orthodontia to bed, I'd certainly try something bigger and better.

    As it is, Nuk 3s are fine for me.

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    I tried NUK3's before, and even though I still have one of them, it's way too small for my own comfort. Later I got a NUK5 and have never looked back. It's so much better imo.

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    I have a NUK 3 and I rarely ever suck on it for all the reasons listed above. But for some reason, if I ever want to suck on a paci, I rather use my NUK 2 - even though it is smaller, it is the first paci I ever got as an adult and I am more attached to it, also the nipple is softer so my jaw does not hurt too quickly. I think it also depends a lot on your personal attachement to the paci, so even though it may not be the most comfortable thing ever, you might still enjoy using it. So go ahead and try it.

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    You might try a cheap AwwSoCute one from Amazon if you are ordering something else. No one need know.

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    Nuk 3's were the first pacifiers I got when I was 16. I found the nipple was a bit short, but a Nuk 5 was too big.

    However, I got some PAW Patrol pacifiers that are made by Baby King earlier this year, and while they're marked as 0+ months, they're actually quite comfortable. I'd been staying away from the orthodontic angled nipples but I discovered that with these, my tongue rests right on the bulb portion where it should, instead of on the stem like with larger orthodontic nipples.

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