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    I am Bruxon (Not my real name), Iam from Brazil, I've been lurking from a long time and finally had the courage to actually make an account and try some social interaction, figured since everyone can be anonymous i had nothing to lose, So, I've been a ABDL since i can rembember, One thing i think had great influence in that is an old Movie called "LiTTLE MAN"(I actually recomend it, it has a lot of diaper and babying scenes, it's a movie about a midget who disguises himself as a baby to steal a diamond from a family) My first contact with diapers was when my sister was born, my mother won a draw from a drugstore and got a free crib and a whole year of free diaper of the "pampers" brand, from there you know the rest of the history, i grew up in the rural part of a really small city, never actually socializing much before joining school, used to spend all my day watching movies and playing videogames, pretty much a lonely kid, my first contact with adult diapers was on a vacation my family always have at the end of the year where we go to a far away beach, as i lived in a small city it wasnt easy to get diapers, the city only had two drugstores and the attendants probably knew me or my mom, so i had to wait for the vacation, on the beach i was just another tourist, I got my spare money and buyed a medium sized package of 9 diapers of a brand named "bigfral", I had to stash it in my vacations supplys so i could bring it home, I did this method only two times, one worked out, the second i hid them in my pillow (made a hole and hid it inside) it was a 3 hour trip to get home, when i got there my mom wanted to change the sheets of the beds including the pillows sheets, she found a hole, sew it, did not notice a strange bulge, but then she set the pillow on the bed and actually rested on it (that was really nerve racking) she asked what was inside, i had to tell everything, she did not seem so shocked (I think she was relieved that it was not drugs), she let it go and i hid my diapers, I asked her to not tell my dad, since then, it's been about 9 months and she never talked about that again, It has also ben 8 months since i had any adult diapers, So thats my story, If there were any spelling errors im sorry, most of the english i learned was from playing video games and spending a LOT of time in the computer.

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    Welcome to ADISC!

    Your English isn't too bad. You may want to add in some line spacing to make your story a little easier to read.

    Well, you have covered your diaper part - how about telling us a little about what you like to do that doesn't involve diapers?

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    Normaly i spend most of my time in the computer playing videogames and talkings with friends, I also like to watch a lot of cooking shows on tv, like masterchef or kitchen nightmares, dont have anything more interesting to tell, I spend most of my time at home.

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