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Thread: Hi--I'm new here, followed a link on Google search for Kins product reviews.

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    Default Hi--I'm new here, followed a link on Google search for Kins product reviews.

    I'm not as nice as some of you pretend to be--see what I mean? I think more things are amusing than not, so I'm never bored. Actually, in another ID in some realms I'm a disturbing troll--not mean or a bully, just disturbing. Some people online are easily disturbed by anything real--like cotton diapers and waterproof pants--they delight and take refuge in whatever's fake--like fake news and disposables. I remember back in the eighties some people wondered if the advent of disposables spelled the death of cloth and with it the disappearance of diaper fetishes--already back then disposables were being compared to cloth as meth to shrooms--well, nothing died and meth is almost as popular as it was in the fifties, when Abbott Laboratories provided doctors truckloads of free samples you could freely take from a display on the office counter. Those were rough days to be a kid, but not as bad as now. I've been around for a long time, it seems. Anyway, I see disposables as more like heroin, an addiction, compared to the mindful indulgence and portal to reality that cloth offers. Just remember, everything you throw away will be there waiting for you when you arrive in hell. Listen, I've already been called a fragging air-bag in chats where they converted all my emojis to text--you'll have to think of something else. When I was 4 years old I wasn't allowed to have the underwear I wanted--sixty-five years later I still haven't gotten over it--I've never gotten over anything. The wisdom of age is never get over anything, keep faith with the past, stay forever young.

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    Welcome to the forum! That's an interesting perspective. We are a support group and freely give advice here. Usually the best advice is when we know more about a person. Do you have any interests or hobbies you would like to share with the group?

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    With any luck my intro will be received as stand-up comedy--I'm at that point in the autism spectrum where hardly anyone gets my jokes. If you read it carefully you're likely to find several set-ups of jokes others can make in response--please have at! When I'm not busy being intentionally disturbing online I'm usually doing something disturbing in reality, dumpstering with a bike & trailer, feeding and loving an array of cats, coyotes, birds, bees, and creatures too small to be seen with the naked eye--I can often be found wandering around the state-of-art organic (and mycologically correct) garden I've been working on here for 8 years with buck-naked eyes, pausing occasionally to dig up a hornets nest, re-arrange the road-kill in the compost pile, check the milkweed for monarch caterpillars, etc. Without the cats the garden would be over-run by voles (meadow mice)--there wouldn't be a garden. My expenses exceed my income, so my only chance of having any disposable income to spend on reusables (or anything else) is if I can have a yard sale (or sell something on Craigslist) of the stuff I bring home from trash and dumpsters--but I have few unmet needs, the trash being so provident of things I can use. I'm post-apocalyptically prepped--I combine surplus kitchen knives with re-purposed mop handles and hose-clamps to make spears to fight off the zombies--no firearms here--by the way, I'm not totally indisposed toward disposables--I wore them during my cataract surgeries and I have a large stash put away for whoever needs them when cholera strikes--have you noticed that in Yemen there's no cholera? Nope--they just have "acute watery diarrhea" just like here we have no beef-vector prion (mad cow) disease, only Alzheimers and dementia. It's likely that if I find any decent beer in the trash I'll be inspired to get out and play a couple of musical instruments I'm pretty virtu-awesome on, a Hohner GC Pokerwork button accordion--I play a lot of covers, Ghost Dance dirges, rap backs, etc.--and a flat-picked soprano ukulele on which I almost exclusively play alt-Terra Verde dream songs--the soundtrack of my dreams. I don't play either very much, but when I do I should be live-streaming, building a channel. Anyhow, I appreciate your welcoming gesture--I was inspired to member without much hesitation by the elegance and functionality of the ADISC site itself and I'm happy we're on Discord because it works so well and I'm already there--thanks.

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