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Thread: asperges....nightmare

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    Hi does any one have asperges...i do.i find chat room socially hard....i prefer being on my own....i like wearing nappies/frilly rubbers on my own...only diagnosed with asperges in april and i am 49.....well old...

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    Hi terrynappi, my son has a mild asperger so I understand a little bit about that condition. How can I help you?

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    I'm Autist Asperger, and I know a lot of the members here are also, you're not alone, I've heard some around my area are Asperger and love diapers and be babies too.

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    I have Autism Spectrum Disorder; I was diagnosed in 2015. I also experience social difficulties when it come to being around people my own age. For example, recently I went to an ice cream sandwich social after the Singles Bible study at my church, and everybody is talking and chating with each other and just hanging out. I was so distressed, because I just don't have the social skills to be able to know how to join into a conversation. I am much more at ease when I am volunteering in the children's programs at my church, I have always done better with younger kids. I am 31 years old and I get along best with children aged 3-12 years old. I don't like being alone, but that is often the case. I can't just walk up to the kids in my neighborhood and start talking and playing in the street with the kids, because the parents would problably call the police on me.

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    I have High-Functioning Autism (Aspergers Syndrome) and I was diagnosed when I was in Second Grade. I have encountered the misconceptions, stereotypes and outright lies that have been spread when one of our kind enters the school system. I have been the victim of abuse related to my condition by a school autism specialist and my first grade substitute teacher. I have social difficulties and my emotions are highly underdeveloped. I don't like being alone, but sometimes it is necessary to distance yourself in order to prevent yourself from being hurt further than you already have. I have been dealing with the fallout from being autistic ever since I was diagnosed and I have had to put up with the peers that dared question my genius and even beat the living hell out of me because I was different. Now many years later (joined a few months ago), I have come here to discover what it truly is to be little and to explore that part of me further. This part has developed from the personality that I shed when I was attempting to protect myself by forcing myself to mature faster than normal in order to prevent myself from being a target by bullies. Unfortunately, doing so caused my popularity among bullies to skyrocket and as such I was harassed daily. I do not fault their actions, because their feedback has made me stronger. Though still licking my wounds, I am attempting to recover the innocence that I lost and the childhood I was forced to cast away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by terrynappi View Post
    Hi does any one have asperges...i do.i find chat room socially hard....i prefer being on my own....i like wearing nappies/frilly rubbers on my own...only diagnosed with asperges in april and i am 49.....well old...
    I have Asperger's Syndrome, along with Cerebral Palsy.
    Yes, I am medically incontinent, along with being an Adult Baby.
    I was diagnosed at age 47, and I am now 59 going on 60.

    I moderate this sub-forum of Aspies/Autistics:

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    Hi, I was late diagnosed as well, age 46, welcome! explained EVERYTHING about childhood and my difficulties with social interaction,,,

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    Yep. I have Aspergers and am also an ABDL. I was diagnosed when I was 4, so I've known about it for essentially, my whole life. The reputation Autism/Aspergers is so terrible and toxic, and there are so many detrimental stereotypes and misconceptions that nearly everyone believes that it's so much better to not let people know and just pass myself off as shy, socially awkward, and introverted.

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    One of my friends (vanilla) has aspergers pretty bad, he is a very smart guy, it's just social area lack, either he's very quite : nervous, or once he starts talking he doesn't shut up / kills a conversation with to much of the same info.
    I've spoke to him about it and we have an agreement that's is helping him with social issues, I'll engage him in a conversation just to get him started and when it's enough on a subject I'll just simple say good info or alright we got it. This helps him with identifying the beginning and then the end, and he's forcing himself to learn it, he can't help it because he gets into something and his brain is running at warp speed.

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