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Thread: xp medical A+ diaper

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    Default xp medical A+ diaper

    Has anyone tried the xp medical A+ diaper?

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    Quote Originally Posted by willnotwill View Post


    Sorry, they are pretty good for an old fashioned fit that mould around you (full padding contact) rather than panty shaped to give a great modern fit.

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    Yeah. I didn't think they were that good. The padding clumps too easily, and there are no standing leak guards. They're thick, though.

    Being so expensive to import, there are cheaper and better diapers for me.

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    I've gone through a few cases.
    - very soft silky smooth shell
    - no front or rear elastic
    - no leak guards
    - fairly long area in the front and back ends where there's no padding
    - wicks fast
    - swells quite a bit also
    - clumps and settles badly when wet
    - price used to be pretty cheap, though they've come up a bit
    - all white shell except for blue microprint that works as a wetness indicator (smudges when wet)
    - no tape panel
    - I don't recall if they have two use tapes... I don't think so? maybe they were added somewhat recently?)
    - padding goes out pretty wide in the front and back, fairly good performance for side sleeping

    Despite the lack of leak guards they do pretty well. They fit pretty loose. Good for overnight, not really well suited for daytime/active use due to clumping when wet OR dry. (unless you change often I suppose)

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    I wound up with almost a full case of A+ 4s from a friend who didn't like them. I had tried them when they first came out but their tapes were really unreliable. They seem a little better now but I'd still call that their biggest problem. I think I've only ever had one leak out of two cases, so the lack of leak guards isn't really a problem. They're decent for what they are but I can't quite get excited.

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    I've been wearing them ever since they came out. After the improvements that Gary made to them I'm totally satisfied
    with them for my daytime diaper.

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    There ok, not the best, not the worst, institution fit, decent capacity

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