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    Cool object, subject, verb

    Hi everyone

    something I've been trying out while in little space is object, subject, verb.

    You really have to think about how you are going to say things for example instead of, " The cat sat on the mat. "

    It would be, " On mat, cat sat."

    But with practice you sound like a toddler learning to talk and construct sentences.

    I was wondering if anyone else has tryed this out.

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    Good idea, but on your example it should be mat cat sat (leave out the on).

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    And if you REALLY want to be a little grammarian, diagram sentences with crayons or finger paints.

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    This idea puts me too much in mind of other languages. It's off, slightly childish grammar for English, but it's just the way people talk in most of the Romance languages and Japanese, among others.

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    In German this works as well. But be careful that you don't sound like Yoda!
    It's called OSV (object-subject-verb) Language. You can read about it in Wikipedia–subject–verb

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    If little this makes you feel, do it you should. However, the grammar that Yoda uses this is. 900 years old Yoda is. Little he is not. A huge Star Wars geek I am, so when this kind of grammar I hear, only about Yoda I think.

    (If this makes you feel little, you should do it. However, this is the grammar that Yoda uses. Yoda is 900 years old. He is not little. I'm a huge Star Wars geek, so when I hear this kind of grammar, I only think about Yoda.)

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