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Thread: help first time buying online where to buy from

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    Question help first time buying online where to buy from

    looking for a place that is usa based and for printed or non also good prices

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    You can get samples of about anything from eBay with discrete shipping. That's where I would start. A universe has good products and is very reputable in the community.

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    My personal favorite is Abu universe. They are safe and very efficient and restock fast. I've ordered cases upon cases without any issues unlike some other companies I'll leave unnamed.

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    Default has a really awesome selection of samples from just about every AB/DL and medical diaper company. I would start there as they are super discrete and make it really easy to make your own custom sample pack. That would allow you to try samples from all sorts of different companies and decide what you like, then you could order a larger amount from the company you end up liking the most.

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