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Thread: Energy drinks (Love them or hate them)

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    Question Energy drinks (Love them or hate them)

    Do you love them? If so what kinds? If you hate them then are there any caffeinated drinks you prefer? Coffee, tea, soda; Whats your thing?
    My input
    My family and friends don't like that I drink them, but I only get them once in a blue moon. I like to have one on Christmas morning and of course my B-day. My parents call it cheating meaning that they are going against their usual diet. The idea is that life should not have to be all work and no play. We are all going to face the after life at the end anyway. Might as well enjoy life while you can.
    I normally drink coffee in the morning to get me started. On days that I know I will struggle I drink two cans of mountain dew. I love just about every Mountain dew except for white out, DewSA, and live wire.

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    I have heart issues so I avoid them completely. But, I also think they're not good in general, especially the ones with high doses of caffeine.

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    When need fast restorre of enenrgy, so ED is one of the choices, and when weather is very hot, it takes effect really fast. In two minutes like new.
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    Blech, horrible taste. And they do worse for your body than give a moment of "energy" too.

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    They're disgusting in terms of both taste and what they do to your body.

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    I'm rarely doing anything so important that I can't get proper rest. I'd rather know how tired I am than have it obscured by a dubious product. Caffeine in general doesn't seem to do much good for me. It's either no noticeable effect or it makes me jittery and uncomfortable when I get too much. I'd rather adjust my schedule and get enough sleep than feel like I needed something like that.

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    There are so many different energy drinks on the market it is hard to know how safe they are.
    A study from the David Grant Medical Center measures the symptoms of blood pressure and heart activity. Two were given the same level of caffeine. One group was given the energy drink and the other group was given a caffeine drink. The results showed significant differences. There were actually some potentially life threatening irregularities in the heartbeats of the group given the energy drinks, but not with the group given the same amount in a caffeine drink. Blood pressure increased significantly in the group with the energy drink compared to the group with the caffeine drink. The blood pressure also remained elevated for more than six hours afterwards. A real concern would be taking the energy drinks over long periods of time or going through several a day.

    Of course the energy drink companies will tell you their products are safe, stating there is not much more caffeine than what you would get in a Starbucks coffee. But many of these drinks contain an 'energy blend' which consists of other stimulants and additives, many of which have not been federally approved. Whenever you have an industry that targets youth as its market, while at the same time there is a resulting increase in hospitalizations of those youth, you know it's a problem.

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    I stick to water and (usually) 8 hours of sleep. Though on occasion I will whip up my tasty cocktail of Kool-aid and lemonade.

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    I drink the V8 energy drinks with some frequency, but I mostly stick to sleep, water, and goofy internal wiring.

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    I drink energy drinks only when I need to get up early. The ones I usually drink are Red Bull and Monster. I do enjoy them way more than coffee (I don't like coffee). I also drink soda even more than energy drinks.

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