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Thread: Wearing diapers to lectures?

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    Default Wearing diapers to lectures?

    Does anyone wear diapers to there university/ college lecturers. I was just wondering as I may try it. Would anyone recommend it?

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    I nearly always wear a nappy to lectures and seminars. I'm pretty sure no one has ever noticed, and who cares anyway? I certainly don't. Just make sure you don't wear tight clothes and keep a change with you whenever possible.

    There have been other threads on this subject, too. (See "Similar Threads" at the bottom of this page.)

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    I did occasionally, and I always wore to my final exams.

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    I had no choice. Was total bladder incontinent so I had to wear diapers 24-7 so just do not say HEY I WEAR DIAPERS or some silly crap like that . just be mindful of what you wear to classes. Best choice is of course if you are not in a hot climate is Nylon wind pants that are cotton lined. Second would be black jeans in case your diaper leaks you do not have that wet spot that everyone can see. By all means no daisy dukes shorts or a short dress if you are a lady. If you are in a hot climate I would suggest jean shorts that go to your knees or a long dress if you are a lady from what I guess you need a pair of underwear or nylons to try to quiet down the diapers crinkle. Anyway focus on your classes and getting good grades instead of wearing diapers priorities priorities !!!

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    College, shopping, mall, movies, and everwhere else. Like the others have said, just don't advertise or make it obvious you're diapered, and nobody will notice.

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    I wear 24/7 now so yes absolutely

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    Well by default I'm always diapered at the university. Nobody has ever noticed on campus for me, and the Office of Disability Accomodations took care of letting my professors know. I don't really know what it would be like for a non-incontinent person, but for me it'd be impossible to attend without it, heh

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    For me it all depended on the class size or if I went to classes with friends. I never had an issue with someone noticing though.

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    Well, it's crucial what you will choose. Are you so afraid of other people learning that you have diapers or are you just a guy who don't want anyone to learn about your hobby/medical issue? In both cases you should do that, but only if it's the latter you can be more easy-going about it. Because the most important thing I have learned in life recently was to not care about other people opinions, therefore I'm not bragging about my diapers etc to people that don't know about it, but I also don't try to hide it to the best of my ability. I'm wearing normal trousers and nobody has ever noticed yet, nor did anyone ask about it and not anyone except for my closest friends know about so my advice would be to just not care about it that much. Don't wear very skinny jeans though and you should be okay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xpluswearer View Post
    If you are in a hot climate I would suggest jean shorts that go to your knees

    It's been my experience that leaks in jeans are extremely noticeable. Turns the wet spot very dark, almost black. Just splash a little water on your pants to see what a leak is going to look like. Though black jean of course works great as you mentioned, because black on black.

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