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Thread: Mixed signals from the missus

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    Default Mixed signals from the missus

    Sooooo... I wanna preface this by saying that my Fiancee and I have an open relationship and she encourages me to go out and play with others safely, just as I don't mind her having boy-toys.

    Back to the subject.

    I had a fun evening with an old friend of mine whom I stumbled across in a chat room (which immediately outed me to her as an ABDL - and she's totally cool with it.) No, not intercourse, gah! She wants to start lactating and I love nursing. Basically, we've started an ANR.

    I ended up staying up with her on a Saturday evening until about 4am and passed out in bed padded.

    When Fiancee got home, though, she got upset at me for being in a wet diaper in bed 'cos I'm supposed to hide all of my little stuff and tendencies from her as best I can.

    That same evening, though, I'm totally exhausted so I go and lay down in bed and she comes in, tucks me in and calls me 'my little baby.'

    Which I'm completely okay with - over the moon, really!

    But it feels like mixed signals... Wat do?

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    Could be mixed signals or she's just accepting your little side and showing you love. I would play it by ear. Just go about business as usual.

    Out of curiosity, and if it's none of our business just say so, but do you plan on an open relationship after marriage? Will she still allow the little stuff around then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scaramouche View Post
    Out of curiosity, and if it's none of our business just say so, but do you plan on an open relationship after marriage? Will she still allow the little stuff around then?
    Yeah, as long as we're happy, I don't mind an open relationship.

    As far as I know, yes, she isn't asking me to not have little time, just to never ever reveal any of it to her.

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    Sometimes people react differently to the same situation because they're in different moods, good, bad or indifferent. It could also mean she's beginning to accept your little side, but you won't know unless you ask her. Since you're in an open relationship, asking her about her most recent response shouldn't be that difficult.

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    Maybe she was tired too and then she comes home to you 'not hiding your little tendencies'...

    like dogboy mentioned, different moods can change how people react.

    Sounds like you guys have a great thing going and maybe she is warming up to your little side?

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    That's a good sign, you should proceed slowly and carefully now, but you are on the good way I guess. As it was mentioned here, people tend to react very differently depending on their mood or just having a bad or good day, so you have to crack it but I guess you have the hardest struggle behind you You shouldn't rush getting all open with her, but slowly introduce it to her and make her like it. Women like when something is forced upon them, but no in a direct way - women love being very indirect in opposite of men, you have to make her accept your fetishes, but in a way that she will like it and in the way that she will be sure that you have both her and your hobby in control. That's a very wide topic and of course everyone is different, so you have to think of the best strategy by yourself in this situation.

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