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Thread: Paper to Plastic: help on making the conversion

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    Default Paper to Plastic: help on making the conversion

    Good morning!

    I was wondering if I could get some assistance. Not too long ago, when I filled up a Goodnite so much that it ruptured at the top, I got curious and did some dissection. During my find, I learned that the "cloth" out cover can be removed leaving a plastic diaper behind. I have tried removing the cloth cover a few times, but get a little worried when I am peeling it off around the leg guards. Is there a method out there to remove the cloth cover that is better at not damaging the leg cuffs, or is this something that is like pulling off a band aid; just rip it and go?


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    Cloth like diapers are not made in a way where they can be seperated like that- and still work. Yes you can, but then the velcro tapes will also be removed. Plus, the plastic is so thin it will not be strong enough to hold the diaper together.

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    I'm going to have to agree with slomo. Also, there are so many plastic backed diapers out there that work great, no alterations required. Is there a reason you want to remove the cloth from goodnites?

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    I agree with everyone else, I've tried removing the cloth part of goodnites and, while they can feel quite nice, they make the diaper really fragile

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    It can be done with care but the plastic is too rough for my taste with residue of the adhesive used. I don't think there's any reasonable fix for it.

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    The only time I disassembled training pants was to rip the "feel wet" spatches out of a bunch of Pull-Ups so I could put them in another diaper.

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    Pampers are pretty good if made plastic - peel it off like a band aid. I also use baby powder to smooth out the excess adhesive

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