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    hey guys,
    im having trouble at the moment. for the past few weeks whenever i've been little ive also been feeling really sad and lonely. ive told a few of my non little friends about being little and as great as it is having them know and accept me for it, i always feel like im burdening them by telling them or talking to them about it.

    it doesn't help that one of my other friends found out while we were all away together last weekend and yelled at me about it.

    i was just learning to accept myself and to really enjoy being little but now im back where i started feeling guilty and ashamed.

    but if anyone has any ideas on how to not feel sad/lonely/guilty when little i would love to hear from you.

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    I have the luxury of having two little friends (not ABDL, just littles, more into the DDLG scene) and one ABDL friend I can talk to, so I have no problem with the loneliness aspect, but I sometimes feel anger (spearheaded by shame) about my ABDL side, I feel like I shouldn't be into it because "I'm an adult!" but the repression of it makes me feel even worse, so more often than not I just accept my interests and indulge in them, it makes my life much easier.

    As for not feeling the guilt, shame, sadness or loneliness, your first step is to accept that you feel that way, think to yourself "Ok, right now I feel ______ so, how do I make myself feel better?" and do what makes you happy, things which will stop the feeling, even if it's a small as talking to someone on here!
    For guilt and shame, it's a little harder, but shame will go when you start accepting yourself again, so I'd personally have some extra little time to help build up that confidence.

    That's all I've got to be honest!

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    I'm sorry he up set that part of you that's little.
    You see we kind of two persons in side.
    The little part of us is put away to protect that part of
    Us not get hurt for some of us

    So it's like little kid your little was punished by being yelled at. So it's not trusting a little hurt so as a little kid
    Your going to have to explain that not all person's accept little's so it's ok to hid when needed .
    But when safe you can play.
    If there a friend that's nice that's ok with you being little try to have them explain it.
    You buy a gift for your little give it to them to give to your little.

    The big thing is your little is like a small child but when hurt does not bounce back like a real child they tend to get very hurt by any means stuff.
    Good luck may take a while but to heal this.
    Hugs to you both.

    Not all understand little's you must be careful with others there's a time and place it's safe to be little.
    And only with those that are ok with it.

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    ive been trying the last couple of days to use little to make myself feel better but at the moment every time i get into littlespace i just feel sad and hurt after being yelled at. my friends who know about it keep saying to not worry about it and that being little is perfectly fine but they are still avoiding the issue of how much my other friend hurt me by what they did.

    i suppose it is just a matter of getting my self confidence back and as you said BusterBunny try to accept my interests and indulge when needed

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    For what it's worth: Whenever I have been 'yelled' at (and I am including times at work where I have been told I should have done something else...), I find the best thing to do is to go off somewhere and do something you really like to help forget (or at least push the bad thoughts from the front of your mind to the back). For me that is listening to some nice classical music or maybe reading a another chapter in a book or watching a TV show.

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    Hi Cszhr

    Sorry to hear that you got shouted at long you were in little space.

    It not that you were being naughty it's just because they don't understand you.
    I know the big part of know this but I don't think your iner child does.

    And that why when it time to play your iner child doesn't want to. And starts to cry.

    Adults can be real meanies at times.

    Find a safe place where you can be Little in and relax in to your time regressed letting your inerchild child work thing through is going to help you come through it and find your happy thought s again.

    This is not going to be forevers as the more you play in little space the more you will relax into it and the scareries will go way.

    And yes scareries is a wold. I just made it up so now it a real one.

    Hee, hee.

    There you are little logic wins again.

    Hopefully that helped you and crying is ok as well. I cry as it part of being a little.

    A Little is some one theat has all the intellect of an adult with heart and soul of a child.

    All the best and never lose your happy thought.


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