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    Hello all,
    Now the above may sound strange so me explain, for the last 20 years I have been carer for my disabled wife, we both love pc gaming and apart from that we spend time out exploring the local world in her wheelchair.

    Earlier this year I was put on some medication for my blood pressure and it caused an issue lets say, during the day I could hold the normal amount of urine but after 7pm I was bursting to go toilet and can only hold 100ml, not to bad while I am up but well lets say waking up 7 times a night started to wear me out, (changing medication did not help seemed the damage was done).

    Now I always had an diaper fetish as a young man and my wife has no problem with me wearing.

    So I have started to wear 24/7 (I guess my idea is easier to retrain myself if it is 24/7 not just at night) I do all the washing anyway, I still wake up when I need to go but fall straight back asleep afterwards which is a lot better than getting up 7 times a night to use the bathroom then trying to get back to sleep, I have more energy during the day than for the last 6 months.

    Ultimate goal is to not wake up when it happens but I know that could take a long time and also to find a diaper combination that lasts the night because I sleep on my side. (the bed has a waterproof cover beneath the bedsheet and 2-3 pads on the bed to deal with any leaks) Terry + PVC at the moment.

    Any ideas and advice welcome.

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    Awesome! I think that is a great solution. Not sure why the 24/7 if it starts at 7:00 pm but I'm sure I would do the same if it were me. If you are using diapers all day and never the toilet then it should speed night time training. It took me about 4 months to see results.

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    I wear Angelfluff super heavyweight nite diapers to bed and Angelfluff ultimate 3 contours day time ,when i need a disposable i wear the Northshore supreme , i am in a power wheelchair and needed a disposable with a good stiff front end, out of the diapers I have used northshore so far are my favorite front end. Angelfluff is not a budget diaper but they are super quality and Jeannie and Howard who own the company are there before you ever buy anything and long after you buy something , I spent about $20,000 on diapers and plastic pants 10 years ago none have geen retired as rags yet and my plastic pants are made custom for Angelfluff by Gary , i got high rise wrapped elastics and dont use anything with petroleum near them and for a daily wear plastic pant to still be fully usable after 10 years is incredible (they are made of whats called "blue ice" which is exclusive to Angelfluff and some of the hardest wearing stuff you can get).i highly recommend them every diaper design they have has been long term tested by Howard who is also IC in chair, if they pass muster they get added to the line up if not you'll never see it for sale . I would start there every diaper is made to your specification and tweaked to get just the fit you want before going in to production.

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    It sounds like you're taking the right approach to this, so good luck with it. Just be aware it can be more difficult to re-potty train than most seem to remember. IF you do gain incontinemce, it's also possible you will never be able to fully regain it.

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    Hope it works out for you. Be careful though... being incontinent has a lot of challenges. I personally wish I had the choice to wear diapers or not. Since I do not have that choice, I've decided to embrace it.

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    I think every production design for an incontinence product should be tested in the markets it is going to be used by - you see them showing the result of pouring some blue liquid in it to show how it holds up to that but it is nothing like real usage. I think it should be tested all around, both by actually incontinent people who are their main audience, and by ABDLs or other people to more properly quantify (with a stress-test method) just how well the design holds up.

    The ad may say the diaper can hold 5000ml, but what is the actual limit for saturation if I get up from nap super-soaked and sit in my computer chair? Am I going to wreck my chair because I didn't think I'd need to change yet because you said 5000ml?

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    Good luck man. I was going through something similar, it will take a while to see progress although if it is really what you want then it's definitely worth it. Remember that you have to be sure of what you are doing, you don't want to have any regrets, right? Then if you are going to do that make sure that it's something you want - although judging from your post and you taking care of your wife, I'm sure you know what you are doing. Getting wet every time you wake up and having this great feeling is very addictive and like with everything else that is addictive it is also dangerous. On top of that, the biggest joy you will feel will be at the beginning, as time goes this pleasant feeling will regress and you won't be able to come back ever again. Good luck on your journey!

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    I've never regretted becoming urinary incontinent and dependent on nappies 24/7

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