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Thread: After ordering online does anyone else do this

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    Default After ordering online does anyone else do this

    So I have this habit, after making an order online and getting the tracking info I keep checking the status, i know when there coming in but I just like seeing the different check ins I guess. I enjoy ordering from bambino in California and waiting the 6 days it takes to get to New Jersey, each check in to a different facility is like a metric point.
    How about you guys.

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    Gah my OCD means I do check every parcel being tracked and I am ashamed to admit even lost sleep over tracking that has gone bad for cheap junk.

    ABU Australia offers shipping but so far I always pick them up direct to avoid watching the tracking.

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    I'll check in once a day to see how far the pack mule is advancing.

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    I check all the time. I like to see the stops my package(s) make along the way. My recent purchase (non DL) went from New Jersey all the way across the country to where I live non stop.

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    Im bad for tracking all orders for stuff i get online.

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    Yes, I'll do that, especially if it's something I'm excited about getting. Though not diapers, when I ordered my piano, it was coming from California to Virginia and took 6 weeks, because on each truck stop, they wait for other piano orders to fill the truck. I thought it would never get here, but when it did, I was so excited

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    I check all my orders (diaper related and not).

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    I have auto track on everything be it my diapers ,medications, catheters, syringes or personal toys like radios and electronics ,if your someone who watches tracking I'll give you one that really sucks , if something is sent smart post , UPS hands off to the postal service about 10 minutes from my house , the item is then shipped out close to 3 hours away to be sorted by postal service only to be returned and delivered 2 days later . It's maddening when it's so close but so far away ,ever since the post office closed 11 of our local post offices and the sorting distribution center stuff is all messed up. I actually have a list of companies I deal with who's basic shipping is smartpost so that I can upgrade my shipping to avoid that bit of ridiculousness were possible.

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