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Thread: Diapers and the Enviroment

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    Default Diapers and the Enviroment

    This is a question for those of us who wear for fun instead of need.

    Do you ever get that feeling of "Wow what am I doing to the enviroment" when you throw out a diaper? I sometimes stop and think and there would be less diapers in the land fill if I didn't wear for fun. Its kind of a sad thought. I'm curious if other people have it.

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    The way I see it, is the diapers were already made, and would be used by someone else, to end up in the landfill anyway. I'm just doing it instead of them.

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    Yeah, I do have that reaction. And Wegs, your purchase influences further production and use, even if in a very small way. From that perspective, you pretty much don't have to throw them out--you've already contributed to the problem. (I'm guilty of that too...)

    Well, there's always cloth. Then there are the arguments about water use...there's no winning... I try to be 'green' in other ways, including recycling and conservation. I don't use much electricity or gas, and I like to rely upon my own mobility (as a human) as much as possible.

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    Nope, never. I don't have much of a conscience, and although I do have a lot of random thoughts, that's one thing I have yet to think about.

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    Nope never really came to mind, until now....... probably will forget about by the time i wake up in the morning.

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    Seriously if you look at it that way every single thing we do is bad for the environment, yeah it is good to cut back on a lot of the wasteful things we do but seriously do what you can and it's good that you think about it but if you are conscious about your impact and lessen it in other areas then you are doing more than most people.

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    Hmm...nope, never. And you know what? just b/c of this post I am ging to turn on all the lights in my house and throw away all of my plastic bottles!!! lol just kidding

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    Eh, it's a damn shame, but it's a drop in the bucket compared to how much environmental damage is caused by driving a car to the store...

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    You're harming the environment, maaaaan. Go all natural like us, maaaaan. We just go in the bushes, maaaaan.

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