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Thread: Bambino Mio Training Pants for adults

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    So I was wondering if anyone knew anything like these bambino mio training pants, but for adults. and i don't mean the regular white incontinence briefs, i was looking more toward abdl style reusable pullups. (if thats even a thing)

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    Baby Pants makes some. Decent quality and good absorbtion. Two different thicknesses (My First are thicker) and a wide variety of styles. . Rearz also has a couple of different training pants. Tykables makes some padded underwear, but I'm not sure about thickness or absorbency.

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    These are all great, thanks. exactly the type of thing i was looking for. now Just the painstaking decision of which ones to get. always eager to heat more suggestions though

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    Baby Pants has had their medium, Cars and Trucks, Almost a Big Kid out of stock for at least half a year. I wonder if they're ever going to get some in. Almost all of mine have holes in them. They don't last that long.

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    Why does a baby boy need trainers, you need nappies young fella, not trainers, much too early for you to be looking to be dry

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    Yeah baby pants is currently one of the best available in many regards. They size a little small, reminds me of Bambino's sizing scheme.

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