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Thread: Hey, how are you? What are all of you guys doing today?

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    Default Hey, how are you? What are all of you guys doing today?

    Hey, how are you? I took a shower this morning and I'm feeling SO innocent today! I'm still in my pajamas (which I'll change out of soon) and have my pillow pet with me. I'm having rice mac & cheese with some juice for lunch. I'm trying to decide if I want care bears or hello kitty cup for my juice. And if I want to wear my jean dress with flowers or my one fancy looking one. I'll decide eventually, but what are you guys doing today? I still have some homework to work on.

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    Hey, I am glad you are feeling good!
    I learned all day like every day in the last few weeks (college exams). The day here in Germany is over though^^ But I am feeling completely innocent too. So I know exactly how you feel.
    Have a nice day! I am going to go to sleep in less than one hour. lol

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    Haha.....yeah, I had a busy day, though I was diapered for most of it. Hell, it's a Saturday. I practiced piano for a couple of hours and vacuumed the entire upstairs of the house, the main part where my wife and I live. It was a good day. I also helped my son move a very big ladder. I was out of diapers then. Oh well.

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    (Day just beginning in England!) I'm chilling in my onesie, but my strict carer is still asleep. Usually I'm locked in my bedroom at night, but this morning I discovered she forgot, so I've got out of bed and gone downstairs, and I'm wearing my carer's slippers, the same ones she often uses to punish me! Perhaps I'll put on my jelly sandals, sneak out and play some knock down ginger early on a Sunday morning, the temptation is just too great.

    If she finds out, I'll probably be locked up most of the day as well as all night, and my poor ickle bottie will be doomed to being redder than the inside of a watermelon. I never learn: only two days ago was I crying myself to sleep from a hairbrush spanking before bed, for flicking water at her while cleaning my teeth...

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    I just woke up. It's Sunday now^^ feetintrouble, looks like trouble... Feels bad man but enjoy it!

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    Hey, it started as an lovely day but out of a sudden my wife got kind of mad at me, can't figure out the reason yet though, but maybe this is just one of her days? She was complaining that I don't do any chores around the house and that I'm lazy and that I should change the perception of how I see life? Jesus, can't really understand her today, but anyway I'm trying not to pay too much of attention to it, don't want to feed the troll and give her imaginary reason to justify her actions. If she will continue to behave mad and angered tomorrow as well then I will have to try and extract some information about it. Trying to have sex didn't work, but I'm not that surprised though she is only up for that only when in "mood'.

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