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Thread: Save express bad experience

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    Default Save express bad experience

    During my last order with save express I got a bit frisky and took their offer for a bag of sexy diaper at a reduced cost. I don't usually go with a printed diaper but it was cheap and supposedly a high capacity diaper.

    When I received my order and opened the box, I saw they instead had given me a package of black tykables which I didn't order. I checked my order history, their order confirmation and the delivery note, nowhere was tykables listed. Wrote an email to save express about it, asking why they delivered something different than what I ordered....

    Their answer
    "you order our special price offer : SUMMER SALE*
    Summer sale is a spezial price offer diaper , mixed products .*"

    Nowhere on their page did it say this and I paid the full price and instead received a cheaper product.

    Should I ever chose to go with an offer from them again, which I highly doubt I will I will explicitly tell them to deliver what I ordered and if they don't, request a full refund.

    Basically I would not consider save express a trustworthy and reliable company.

    For sure they have leftover inventory of that shitty tykable black diaper which have gotten horrible reviews so they force it on customers, advertising with other more appealing products.

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    I don't know, did they say what band you WOULD be receiving? If not, you ordered generic diapers and they sent generic diapers.

    If sexy was your description, well, different things float different boats.

    I don't love Save Express though. I was trying to have diapers delivered while I was over there on vacation to minimize luggage, they sat on an order for a few days which didn't jive with my itinerary, so I got to visit the scenic Paris UPS depot.

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    I've had okay experienced with saveexpress. Their MyDiaper are a fairly good deal considering they have to ship internationally. I did pay an extra amount ($3? $5?) for "discrete packaging" since it was going to be held at my USPS depot. And for that I got one layer of semitransparent brown plastic packing tape over two of the four MY DIAPER logos on the box. All logos were 100% readable. Was NOT impressed with that.

    Also I hear they've stopped making the MyDiaper Night (dark blue) diapers. Those were my favorites!

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    Okay, that's new to me, the first pack of diapers I ordered are from saveexpress and I still order from them today and never had an issue - so no problems in 10 years.

    Don't know if they treat german customers different than all the others.

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    Yeah that's no good, I understand if they listed the item as sale random Diapers in your chosen size but to substitute Tykables pleather for sexy MyDiapers is just rude.

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    I have used save express for around 5 years now for supplies. I order specific brands which I have tested myself and therefore trust will work in the situations I use the products at.

    I never heard about generic diapers......and would never use such.
    Being dependent on diapers not having a choice, the brand I'm ordering is also the brand I expect to receive, if the reseller is trustworthy.

    In regard to the concrete situation nowhere was it listed that I would receive a generic brand. Had it been something I would have known about that they would ship whatever diaper brand of their choosing despite my order for a specific brand, I would never have ordered, period.

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    Definitely write to them again telling them you are displeased

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