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Thread: Embarrassing moment

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    Default Embarrassing moment

    I was working today and ran into someone who looked familiar. When I ask how do I know you? She thought for a second and then said the last thing I was expecting " I sell you your diapers". She works where I purchase all my diapers. This was said in front of multiple people. I'm just hoping nobody else heard it. I acted if it was no big deal but boy was it embarrassing.

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    Ouch! Well hopefully none of the other people know you.

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    I guess this is a: well, you asked. People recognize me all the time and I can't remember who they are. I played in a very good rock band for 15 years and as a church musician, I'm out in front of the public. Someone will come up to me and start talking and I'll think, who is this person. Thank god they didn't sell me diapers!

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    Wow! That wasn't the luckiest moment >.<

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    Same thing happens to me all the time - at least the: someone comes up to me and talks to me like they know me. My Abdl life is all and only online so I have yet to experience an interaction that links the two. Luckily!
    Sorry my friend!

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    eBay dude. eBay is way better than any store you can have to go in to.

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    It just was totally shocking that they would just announce such a private thing in such a public setting. eBay is good option. I did deserve the answer that I got as I asked the question. Anyone else been outed like that before?

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    Oh but they do. Co-workers

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    I also find very unprofessional. When dealing with such products, they should be more generic, like I sell you health products.

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    "I sell you your diapers."

    "Not after that indiscrete remark, you don't."

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